Wicked Science, Weaponized Altruism

Why is the world I see through media so vastly different from the one outside my door?

Once upon a time, stories and reality were most often reflections of one another. When stories were meant to stray terribly far from reality we labeled them as such—fantasies, science fiction, myths, legends, tall tales, etc.

These days I often comment that it feels as if we are in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

We don’t get out much, but that’s nothing new for us. Last week we went to town to run a few errands, which we do a couple times a month. On the weekend we went to a church fundraiser, which was a pleasant occasion with burgers, homemade ice cream and live music.

Folks were very friendly. I saw only a couple of them wearing masks. No one I noticed was doing anything remarkably weird, like ‘social distancing’ or not shaking hands or screeching incessantly about ‘safety’.

The most remarkable thing that’s happened lately is a few weeks ago I was having lunch out with some ladies and overheard a table of preachers next to us discussing ‘conspiracy theory’. I was astonished until I realized it was in reference to the debate as to whether Jesus was an actual living man.

Sometimes we turn on the TV to watch the evening propaganda, but more often we hear it online. Here’s where the stories get really weird. They try to sell some of this as news, which like stories, used to mirror one’s reality. Not anymore.

Now the news has become like science fiction, which they try to pass off as reality!

A ‘pandemic’ used to mean lots of folks ill and dying. They say it’s happening, for over a year, yet I still see no evidence of this. They keep carrying on about ‘Science’ and ‘listening to the scientists and experts’ but they only parade around a handful of them in front of the camera, as if those are the only experts in the world.

Since when did real scientists like to spend all their time in front of cameras?

And they keep going on and on about political division, and violence, and race wars, but again, where is the evidence?

I hear from others that on social media, like Fakebook, there is loads of ‘violence’ against ‘antivaxxers’. First of all, words aren’t violent. Words are just words. Even after a few hours of downing some hard core Dutch courage, words rarely lead to actual violence.

Second of all, why is anyone hanging out in places they consider to be violent if they don’t like violence? It used to be folks who liked witnessing violence went to special venues for that unusual brand of pleasure—like a boxing match or cock fighting, or whatever.

That’s not my cup of tea, but every once in a while I’ll pop onto one of a select few forums (not Fakebook) to berate a few nitwits about the current shit-show they’re calling reality, which in my mind should be named: Tyranny in the Twilight Zone.

Then I get back to the real world, right outside our door, where normal is still normal and this so-called New Normal is not actually evident anywhere.

My favorite conspiracy theorist, James Corbett, calls this the ‘Biosecurity State’. Now it looks like we’re about to face her evil twin sister, Hysterical Climate Rage.

Oh goodie, a new sci-fi hits the airwaves called ‘reality’!

“Yes, the good old anthropogenic climate change fairy tale is set to make a comeback with a vengeance in the 2020s. As I warned last September, The Pandemic is a Test Run for the systems of control that will scare the public into complying with all sorts of draconian limitations on their activities in the name of saving the earth from climate change.” JC

“Scamdemic was so last year, here’s what’s coming next.”

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “Wicked Science, Weaponized Altruism”

  1. Dear Kensho Homestead,

    I have finished reading your discussion of the current state of “unreality”. Now that you have fed me a very good dose of The Twilight Zone of Wicked Science and Weaponized Altruism, I am certainly very curious of what you will make of my expansive post called “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity“, which you can easily locate at the Home page of my blog. The said post is best viewed in situ (not via WordPress Reader) on a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen, given that my posts are often accompanied by intricate graphical designs, videos and even animations.

    Wishing you a very Happy August!

    Yours sincerely,

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        1. Holy Smokes, SoundEagle! That’s not a blog post, that’s a dissertation! I’m duly impressed and will be returning for a thorough read. I don’t usually read much online, I prefer hard-copy books, but in such cases as this I must make exceptions. Thanks again for the support and nudge in your direction, a fascinating learning journey awaits me on your site!!

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          1. Dear Kensho Homestead,

            Needless to say, I look forward to perusing your forthcoming review of my said post, to be submitted — when you are all ready to emerge from the “Holy Smokes” as a soaring fiery Phoenix — as one or more anticipated, esteemed comments to the comment section of the blog post, or rather, the “dissertation”, as you reckon it to be.

            Moreover, there is the distinct possibility that I may find an opportunity or two to quote you, assuming that you intend to render your forthcoming comment(s) relevant to certain section(s) of my post and compellingly superb in one way or the other — the very comment(s) manifesting as both a recognition of and a chance for your piquant thoughts and crystalized wisdom to be distilled into a brilliant comment(ary) and immortalized as a profound quotation or two in the body proper of this book-length post for posterity.

            Wishing you all the best in your productive reading, “fascinating learning” and impressive reviewing!

            Yours sincerely,

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