Geoengineering Update

Our skies in the days leading up to the latest ‘rain event’. We get the perception of rain, mostly, but rarely a real rain, unless it’s a flooding deluge.

It REALLY fools most folks! Because it’s overcast and drizzling for days, so the yards and gardens get squishy. But it’s not a lot of rain, 3 inches of rain over 3 days ‘feels’ like a lot of rain. A rain gauge will prove it, but most folks don’t have those. Not to mention that from one county to the next it is often drastically different in amounts. So, they complain about all the rain, while our ponds and creeks are still very low to empty.

They can’t even give it a break at night!

Technology continues to leap forward in the expansion of ‘climate remediation’ systems. I suspect one of these days they won’t even need to blanket the skies in chemicals anymore and folks will be tickled pink that the Uber-wealthy and corporations can change the weather on a dime and blame the birds, or the cows, or the SUVs.

“The “Clear Sky Manager New Generation” climate safety system uses the synergy of a growing pool of the most efficient and proven weather management technologies, and also develops new promising technologies that will allow more effectively to carry out the weather management.
Currently, “Clear Sky Manager New Generation” uses the synergy of 2 of the most efficient, safest, recognized by the WMO, technologies: The technology of unipolar electrical ionization of the lower atmosphere using stationary, mobile
and air-mobile ion generators (ILAP type ionizers).
Cloud seeding technology using environmentally friendly reagents, as well as an innovative cloud seeding method based on the unique biological ability of new prospective reagents to
“cause” rain.”

Climate safety system “Clear Sky Manager New Generation”

While they work on perfecting that, we have the fallout of the last decades of weather experimentation to deal with, but hey, what’s a little Alzheimer’s for the greater good?

Aluminum Snow: Lab Test Confirmed

“Aluminum nanoparticle fallout from climate engineering operations are building up in our snow, soils and runoff waters, the levels are far beyond alarming. Lab test results of snow from the side of Northern California’s Mt. Shasta are a truly shocking example. Testing samples from this formerly pristine water source have revealed levels of aluminum that are so astronomically high that the meltwater can only be considered completely contaminated.”

“China’s Mindblowing Weather Modification, Geoengineering and ELF Transmitter Projects”
An oldie but goodie from ClimateViewer for those fixated on the ‘China balloon’ in the news:

I’d say Bill Gates chemical cloud is an old-school Red Herring. There’s loads of far fancier tech out there!

How are your skies looking these days? I hope your having fine weather! 😁

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6 thoughts on “Geoengineering Update”

  1. I haven’t followed Mike in quite some time, but it’s possible I’ve shared him in the past. I follow someone else who does somewhat similar type of channel b/c I like her style. She has a long playlist of weather mod/geoengineering, but since Mike is in your area he might be more helpful. If you are partial to the ‘angry woman’ type, I love ‘Crazy Carol’ (Hubby’s nickname for her, he is not a fan!). HA! NeverLoseTruth is her current YT channel, but she’s on other platforms too, same name:


  2. I think you’ve possibly had one or two of his videos before? (Mike Moralis). I don’t think there are any GWEN towers nearby, certainly not in that direction. No noise/hum that I am aware of either time. This was visible about 30-45 degrees up, and illuminating from above or behind the clouds, not from below.
    I will try and check out some of Mike’s more recent work. Thanks for the lead (as well as GWEN towers—had never heard of those before your reply!)

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  3. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Not far from your area is Mike Moralis—do you listen to him? He might have some info about that. I wonder if it could be coming from a nearby GWEN tower? Did you notice any sound with it?

    Thanks for P.S. too—how nice to hear!


  4. Thanks for this!
    I live just northeast of St. Louis, MO. On Jan 23, at around 5 AM, I noticed a ‘pulsing’ light to the SSW, above/behind the clouds. (Totally clouded out skies that morning.) I even had my wife come out to verify that it wasn’t just me (thinking: retinal detachment?), and she saw it. Tried to video tape twice with phone, to no avail. My very first thought was: lightning? But it was too quick, 2-3+ pulses per second, and continuous. Second thought: HAARP…South? Had to go back inside to shower and go to work, and by then day was breaking.
    Just yesterday, same pulsing light above/behind the clouds. First thought was: seriously, is there a HAARP installation nearby? Wrong direction for aurora…and it’s a white light. This second episode wasn’t as bright to my eye (had to use averted vision), and there was a bit of a glow from the barely visible just-past-full moon in the western sky. By mid morning the clouds had broken up some.
    Perhaps this “Clear Sky Manager New Generation” is a clue…
    I heard no music, so I doubt it’s some big ass Close Encounters type vehicle 😂
    P.S. miss your comments on POM!

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