Ohio Oddities

Steganography and synchromysticism researcher, Stephers, shared a few odd points about the E. Palestine, Ohio train accident and chemical spill that I want to pass along to whoever might be interested.

Stephers: “In this interview, they mention “HAZMAT suits”…and Nathan Izotic mentions “in his industry.” Yet it is NEVER mentioned that he, himself, is a specialist in chemicals (and his wife, Kelly, trained specifically in chemicals and toxicology)…and OSHA HAZMAT certified…Why are they not assisting, given their expertise?”

Me: They also had only moved to the vicinity the previous year, so I’d say they are not exactly ‘locals’ as in they would know the area and people well enough to be the best candidates to interview.

Stephers: “Kelly Izotic (acting as worried local resident) works for Microbac Laboratories. She does not mention that she is an environmental chemical field technician, nor what her company does. If honest, she should be educating the public on air quality and remediation, and supporting on-the-ground hazardous waste analysis.”


Me: Why not interview them as experts in the field, which they clearly are, instead of ‘concerned locals’? And why does she have that insouciant grin the whole time, and he looks like he has to bite his lip to not follow suit and then points to an invisible rash on his face?

They don’t look too concerned to me. Nerves? Bad acting? Or perhaps beaming on the inside with the bank they are about to make on this deal?

Just asking, inquiring minds want to know!


And, even more odd, also received from Stephers:

From the article linked below:

“Ohio resident Ben Ratner was excited when he landed a gig as an extra in a Netflix movie about a toxic disaster in October 2021.

But now the 37-year-old father of four — who lives in East Palestine, Ohio, less than a mile from the site of a train derailment that led to a massive toxic chemical spill and forced residents to evacuate — is living out a real-life version of the movie’s plot that’s continuing to unfold.

“Talk about art imitating life,” Ratner — who plays an evacuee in the film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise about a freight train explosion that releases deadly toxins into the air — tells PEOPLE.


And if that were enough, add another little gem . . .

Ratner’s Star is a 1976 novel by Don DeLillo. It relates the story of a child prodigy mathematician who arrives at a secret installation to work on the problem of deciphering a mysterious message that appears to come from outer space. The novel has been described as “famously impenetrable”.[1]
I still find it super synchy that Ben Ratner’s mom is named Beth…and *another* Beth Ratner (NOT his mom) just happens to have worked in environmental toxin/hazardous spills clean-up:

Financial Controller


Sep 2020 – Jun 2022 1 year 10 months

Established financial and human resources policies and procedures for a start-up waste management company.

Well, what do you think about them odd apples?!

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Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

23 thoughts on “Ohio Oddities”

  1. I like this paragraph from that essay: “Shadow work? Not sounding too good off the top, is it? Well, it gets worse. Elkhaldy tells us that there is some sort of higher “law of Nature” that says it is OK for the Phoenicians to scam us if we remain silent. Silence, or even ignorance, is taken as acquiescence, which we are supposed to believe absolves the dark forces of guilt or responsibility. Is there any chance that is true? No. Is there any chance the Phoenicians believe it is true. Very little. It’s just a pretty bald psychological ploy, on the low level of all the other ones these shadow workers use: it is meant to make you think the gods have given them a pass, so maybe you should, too. It is your own fault for not making the connection, speaking out, and stopping them. Everything is YOUR fault and nothing is theirs.”

    That makes total sense to me and supports the “Radical Self-Responsibility” that the New Age and similar ‘heart-based’ movements are always repeating.

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  2. Thanks for stopping by! Haven’t been to M.M. site in ages, will go take a peak. I’d like him a lot more if he’d finally take notice how different the skies/atmosphere are. Makes me suspicious of him.

    Fauxlex? Not sure. He’s not the one doing Fakeologist site now, by chance?


  3. Miles Mathis says the Ohio thing is a hoax: (1) Parallels to WHITE NOISE, (2) Black smoke when it should have been white smoke, (3) questionable interviews like this, (4) no photos of all those dead fish, (5) people not wearing masks, (6) FEMA declining aid…OT: Anyone know the whereabouts of Fauxlex, who also wrote for Piece of Mindful? … http://mileswmathis.com/coronad.pdf

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  4. She used to blog here on WP at ‘Piece of Mindful’ and I really liked her articles. Really a good writer, but also really detail-oriented, which I am not, really in-depth, deep dives she was writing. She’s another homesteader, also an herbalist, but was writing mostly about synthetic biology, AI, stuff like that. She has a fascinating article there (or maybe several, can’t recall) on the usage of magenta, that some went on later to call ‘Magenda’ b/c suddenly it was appearing all over the place, and still is.

    Then she stopped publishing there and I wanted to know why and where she’d moved to, so I contacted her. She’s not publishing anywhere at the moment, but still working some with Alison, who has the YT channel/blog/site ‘Wrench in the Gears’. Also very in-depth, well-sourced deep dives into AI, and specifically lately block chain, impact markets, Great Reset, that sort of thing. Very fascinating women, both of them. You like Catherine Austin Fitts I remember, so you might check them out, they are in her league, I’d say!


  5. The Law that B- referred to would have no bearing on this train or it’s accident. The law that Trump rolled back covered brakes on vehicles carrying explosive cargo. SPECIFICALLY explosive cargo. This train was not carrying any explosives, so would still not have had the special braking requirements. But, since sheep only respond to what they are told, he threw it out there anyway.

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  6. I saw a video on a Twitter account I occasionally look at where a lady who lives there was told it was safe and then ALL of her chickens & rooster just dropped dead overnight. Like she has a video of them alive at nightfall & dead without evidence of attack at dawn. It’s so crazy. But FEMA can’t help, instead they’ll send a few billion more dollars to Ukraine.

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  7. oh I agree….the same bastards responsible for ohio, missouri, for countless other locations that are not as well known are getting away with it. The destruction is paid by the people who are the victims of the ‘accidents’. the damage, the deaths, the sickness, their animals and pets dying. They will never see justice! no way.

    never do hear about the companies whose chemicals went up in smoke. where were those chemicals going and who made them. who took the loss…oh yeah..that would be tax payers i am sure. the same ones who are victims of the chemical bomb just dropped on them.

    EPA exists to cover up corporate crimes and to ensure that they never pay a dime to clean up their toxic messes. same with all the alphabet soup agencies. They exist to be the firewall between the public and corporations. ensure the victims are never made whole which is what true justice would do.

    the soil, the land, the air, and the water poisoned not just in ohio but coast to coast i am sure. most of the damage done is not known to the public but i would bet it exists the same as Times Beach and Ohio. no clean place left on earth. untouched by corporate hands.

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  8. what a surprise the whole thing stinks. in more ways then one. it isn’t funny how these events occur after a movie or a play by play scenario like the bill gates 201 event before the covid con came to be?

    and this town is poisoned and the cover up begins. the NTHS board wants people to not talk about it. don’t spread ‘misinformation’ because that is our job they say! oh that’s right they were not that truthful…funny how that works.

    this town is going to be another Times Beach. another complete coverup

    the people wearing suits and masks tell the citizens it is ‘safe to breath’ except they don’t breath open air. it is safe to drink. and they drink water they brought with them. the NTHS said their investigation would began once the contamination is cleared up enough their people will be safe! hahaha….sucks to be the town people!

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