Science’s G.O.D.

“Order already existed,”  I claimed in my last post.  Let’s talk about that.

Before science and religion came along there were highly organized human civilizations, not to mention the non-human ones, that somehow managed to thrive without these disciplines.  Ancient wisdom fascinates me, how modern science and religion exploits it at our ‘collective’ expense fascinates me even more.

Part 1 G.O.D. = Great Organizing Dynamic 

An introduction of terminology:  Metaheuristics, Embodied Spacial Cognition, Toroidal Field, Tesselar Spherical Harmonics, Stellarator Optimization, Radiofrequency Plasma, Tokamak Discharge/Sawtooth Oscillation, Quorum Sensing, Vector Memory, Path Integration (PI), Stigmergy

Part 2 = As Applies to Sociopolitical One World Acceleration Process

Underlying Assumption: Crisis Drives Evolution (potential origination of worldview: Cult of Mithras, exploration continues.)

“Living nature is a global community of communication, humans could view themselves as members among many other (non-human) members in this community. Universal-communicative, normative rules can also be derived from such a membership. Their non-observance has led us into a historically unprecedented ecological crisis. In light of this ecological crisis, future adherence to these rules will probably become the greatest cultural and evolutionary challenge that mankind has ever faced. Should we be unable to master the ecological crisis in time by adequately complying with these rules, then our survival is as uncertain as that of most other biological species threatened by mankind ́s activities.

Viewed from this perspective, this book provides support for an ecologically oriented ethics. It does not represent ethics in itself; rather, by opening the way to a new perception of living nature, it wishes to provide the information we need to introduce and establish norms of ecological ethics.”

“The evidence that the sign-mediated interactions of honeybees from warmer latitudes differ fundamentally from those of the northern hemisphere leads to a discussion about how certain capabilities and skills on the molecular level are genetically fixed, in the nuclei of the cells of organisms, culminating in the paradigmatic realm of intra-organismic communication.”

“This series of studies investigated the effects of applied, low-intensity electromagnetic fields on the behaviour of several species. To cover a range of species; the eusocial harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex sp.), solitary orb-weaving spiders, and aquatic planarian (Dugesia tigrina) were examined for behavioural consequences associated with applied electromagnetic fields. An additional component examined these effects on various volumes of water. In all species examined, significant behavioural consequences were observed. Intensities of the used fields ranged from nanotesla to millitesla, and their patterns included a fixed-pattern 60 Hz field, and a more complex-patterned field. A separate component also analyzed the effects of light and polarity, where additional effects were evident. For the experiments with the harvester ants, significant changes in tunneling behavior were observed; for the spiders, significant changes in the structure of the web were observed; for the planarian, significant effects on t-maze arm selection occurred; and for water, significant changes in pH were detected.”

Frontiers in Neurobiotics

Electromagnetic fields as communication medium of intercellular communication. Mechanisms of indirect coordination based on bee behavior.

This is my newest line of inquiry on this blog, interspersed with the homestead life and happy snaps and the occasional sub-par efforts at fiction, poetry, philosophy, etc.

My intention is to not make it too boring for y’all as I try to ascertain where the real science is, not the crap making it down the public marketing pipeline.

I do hope y’all will join me, and contribute knowledge and wisdom where possible, in this latest topic venture.

Thank you, I do love your company!

Joining me will be Schelling and his problems of nature as subject. 🙂










Just, Fiction.

I met this Persian man at the laundromat.  The first thing I thought was, “Persia is still a country?”  Obviously I didn’t say that out loud, it became a mental note to self: “Google Persia.”

Instead I replied, “Oh, nice, what brings you to (redacted)?  Big smile.  I’m really good at that.  Loads of training.  I use to have nicer teeth, but I refuse to bleach them now.  Have you read that ingredients list?  Yes, they work, I know.  But I’d rather just stop smiling so damn much.

2nd note to self: “Journal, what the hell is there to be smiling about so much anyway?” Next thought: “I hope I get to talk to him about chemtrails.”

We got to chatting, of course, I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, even cranky men on the airplane who just want to nap.

Something I said set him off on a tangent, that’s usually how it works.

I can’t be certain what it was exactly, I think it was “spontaneous.”  I was telling him how I’d just come back from two conferences in Dallas (I did not tell him of what kind) and my entire purpose at both was to be spontaneous. I had set that intention.

And off he went.

He talked through my entire wash cycle about “Persia,” but mostly about his wife.  She hates America, refuses to come when he visits.  He didn’t mention why he visits.

I nodded and smiled and eventually rolled my clean wet clothes to the dryers.  I was distracted by the thought of it feeling odd throwing mine and Hubby’s skivvies in the dryer while he watched and chatted away.

Then a question blurted out, I could tell from the rise in tone, and I had to redirect my attention quickly in order to catch only: “. . . daughter’s roof replaced?”

“You mean the ‘tornado’?”  I made sure to use physical air quotes in the form of my two fingers motioning most emphatically when I said that, I always do.  You never know when just that gesture might plant a seed in just the right season with just the right person.

“Yes I do!”

When I turned to face him he had a big smile which made me grimace.  I made the full “oh my God, don’t get me started” face, in slow motion, to make sure he caught it.

And then I went on my tirade.  About all the downed trees, upturned from the roots, just like that, hardwoods too, plenty of ‘em.  And how I was there, alone, and woke up to a disaster zone like something out of a Hollywood movie, with trees and debris strewn across everywhere, inches from every window, an overturned beehive, fences down that just went up, and on and on I went, through the entire dryer cycle. I never even got started on the damned weather modification.

I was folding before I finally took a breath and said, “Oh, sorry, how I do go on!”  Sheepish smile, shrug, “Thanks for listening!”  🙂

He looked at me very seriously and said: “Well, it has been my pleasure, dear, I feel quite enlightened by you!”

“You do?”

“Why yes, I do!  Here it is.  The gods just noticed you, and let you live!  Relatively unscathed!  You, and my daughter, are among the most blessed women alive!  And what do you do with such blessings from gods, you complain to every stranger who listens for six whole months?  Right?! You do this, too, right?!”

And then he smiled, so I smiled.  And he started to laugh, so I started to laugh, and he continued.

“Thank you!  Now I see why my wife won’t come with me to visit in America!”

grey bird in close up photography
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Frequencies – Or Why So Many are So Bent — Dispatches from the Asylum

Essential reading here!
I’ve just returned from the big city, Dallas, where I partially attended 2 conferences.  More reflections on the trip coming soon, but my biggest observation was a reminder that living in the city is already so loud, so chaotic, so hyper-sprawled for hours in every direction, that it’s no wonder if most of the folks living there can’t possibly take in any more data, even if it means saving their own lives.

Schumann resonance, which measures the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, has increased in the last two months, researchers cannot find a logical reason to explain this. According to the scientists, the Earth’s displacement is happening faster than expected. To the experts, this means that the planet is about to pass through a great moment of […]

via Frequencies – Or Why So Many are So Bent — Dispatches from the Asylum

Project Enchantment

Classified, 15XS72
Lee Saussereaux aka Sassafras HQ9

Debrief 1
1,000 hours clinical depression produced .1 hour BUTA (Brilliant Universal Timeless Art) saving 1.5 million (random subjects) over 2.7 decades (projected) from (NID) Nihilism-Induced Disease.
Above Top Secret Classification, 3T level (mod)
Project Success: 5.9

Habituation Classification: Dump or Distance
Abnormal Players vs Enchanted Masters

3 attempted coups, 4.7 success dividend
2 in progress, projected Game sequence alert 9.7
Resource capacity 12, upgrade POt -3
Alert transfer CAP 12(3)4.5

Read, English, BFE, NP1
”They label it Depression if you don’t feel like playing The Game anymore.”

The Goal: Consistent Enchantment.  Anything short of the Goal is Abnormal.

Abnormal Players are given BATs (Behavioral Adjustment Treatments) by the Programmers.  The Programmers have reached the Goal.  The Game has very specific rules that are: Constant Change.
The Programmers are trained by : Enchanted Masters.
These specimens have reached and maintained the Pinnacle of the Game, Permanent Enchantment, over a ten year period.  They’ve been thoroughly tested and vetted.
Witness testimony: Their only emotional state is Enchantment, whether pondering a blade of grass or mass torture.  With every inhale they experience nothing but the wonder of creation.  With every exhale your favorite scent swirls through the air like the mists of Avalon.  Their eyes are star lights, their voices SUSURROUS (, their laugh Vivaldi’s Spring (declassified)
Achievement: One Season Wuderland, perpertual adolescence; citizenry rest mesmerized by Magi, all levels.  Model: appropriately Enchantment-Based Behavior at all times: Observed and judged at all hours by millions of devoted citizens.

Re-enforcement programming successful at every social level.

Obviously, Enchanted Master is most coveted role in the Game.  They are chosen by the astrological calendar decades before their births.
Failure is not an option.

Notes on The Open Society. KP, KH
Full Report Follows




MIND GAMES: Losing Identity To The Hive Mind – By Rosanne Lindsay — RIELPOLITIK

Good read!

Folks don’t see how very aligned to the hive mind our populace has already become.

I was conversing with some older ladies recently, they consider themselves to be Republicans.  One was sharing her experience of living in Singapore—how strict the laws were, how clean and proper and ‘civilized’ it was, how strict the fines were just for littering.  “You certainly can’t criticize the government!”

This was unanimously considered a good thing among them.

Source – – “…The hive mind plays out in hive society as groups who petition the State for rights: gay rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, a Parents Bill of Rights. People beg the State for permission without realizing the State can neither grant nor abolish ANY rights. Rights cannot be transferred from one person […]

via MIND GAMES: Losing Identity To The Hive Mind – By Rosanne Lindsay — RIELPOLITIK