THE PEDO-FILE: ‘Watergate was Pedo-Gate’, 70% of Top US Officials Compromised — RIELPOLITIK

Just Whistling, Dixie . . .

Source – – “…In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, he discovered the truth about Watergate. The burglars sought something they nicknamed “The Book” which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid […]

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Under Our Skin — Dispatches from the Asylum

Great read here from the Asylum, hope you’ll take a moment!  

I will add my personal touch to the opening paragraph about understanding among long relationships.  I think there’s an ‘astral’ or cosmic element to this—a kind of repel and attract, that’s part of a greater field we’ve no real control over.  I know that sounds rather mystical, maybe that’s what often comes with age?

But as an example, when Hubby and I are ‘on’ as in ‘connected’ we communicate easily even without words sometimes, completely effortlessly, like two seasoned dancers in a perfect duet, gliding through the day together.

And then, another time, we get nothing but stepping on each other’s toes, losing our words as if our balance, talking past each, getting aggravated over nothing—just like that—like our tempo suddenly shifted.  The astrologers might suggest Venus went retrograde, or something like this.

Or, the conspiracy theorist in me might muse, someone might be deliberately altering our frequencies with Directed Energy Weapons.!

Baffling reality.  🙂

“People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me.” ― Søren Kierkegaard, The Journals of Kierkegaard If you’ve been with your significant other, for any substantial amount of time, the above quote is something you’ve probably muttered to yourself in some fashion or another, and then quickly forgotten the misunderstanding […]

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MIND GAMES: ‘Skepticism & The Public Trust’, A Short Course in “Conspiracy Science” — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “..The C.I.A. Created the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Meme to Shut Down the Truth Movement…the label “Conspiracy Theory” has been used to shut down honest public debate. It also shows how critical thinking on the part of the individual has been discouraged and mocked” A Short Course in “Conspiracy Science” “Conspiracy” is a […]

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Follow the Dots: MKUltra and the El Paso Shooting —

Up to their usual crimes against humanity  . . .

It takes about five minutes of research to connect Patrick Crusius to the CIA and its notorious MKUltra mind control program. John Bryan Crusius is Patrick’s father. He is a counselor involved in “Infused Being Therapy” in Dallas, Texas. He specializes in trauma and PTSD. Crusius’ web page notes he worked for the Timberlawn Mental…

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Calling Bluffs!

Ok, this ‘systemic racism’ card is done.  Marianne Williamson just did it in, probably the best thing she’s ever done in her career as lifetime actor.

I know this woman does not buy her own B.S.!  She’s a tool of the Club of Rome and a nitwit to boot, and I say that in the nicest way, since I think the lot of those ‘running’ with her are total SODS.

How do I KNOW she does not buy her own B.S? Good question.

Because she knows it’s not about race, because she lived in southern Texas and she lived in Michigan, and unless she’s totally delusional, she knows there are no race wars happening here, at all, since, like 196-.

Give me a damn break, please!

I was just at the laundromat, I go regular now, since our washer broke, again, because unless you pay $1,000 you get a pile of crap.

Anyway, I like the laundromat, to be frank.  I learn a lot.

What I learned this last visit?  I did not understand but every 10th word from my local kinsmen in rural East Texas.  “Bingo” that’s what was being discussed. Literally, Bingo, the game, that’s one of the only words I understood, and I speak a conversational level of several languages.  This was, apparently, English.  Bless their hearts, they even tried to include me in the conversation.

“But, I’m not a ‘game person’,” I tried to explain, and the elderly black woman who I could hardly understand, generously trying to include me, with sweet yet cataract eyes, speaking my own language, in my own town, said, ‘me neither!’  For shame you so-called spiritual leader pretending there is conflict here, or there, of just a color nature!

I’ve NEVER felt threatened here, or anywhere, just by some ‘black threat’.  Nor them from my ‘white privilege’.  We are at the laundromat together, you f*cking brat.

And this so-called “spiritual teacher” Marianne Williamson, is a fraud of the highest degree.


THEATER OF THE ABSURD: There’s No Hypocrite Like a Rich, Jet-Setting Anti-Global-Warming One – By Rex Murphy — RIELPOLITIK

The Great Climate Change Hoax!

”But there is no issue on this orbiting Earth, nor has there even been, that has the burden and depth, the volume and intensity of the rawest hypocrisy — that burns on the flames of hypocrisy itself — as that of global warming.”

Source – – ‘…How did this coven of illuminati get to Sicily? Did they walk and row? Come by Greyhound? Hitchhike? Nein. Official count of the private jets wafting into Palermo air for the “great consult” stands at 114. This for a maximum 300 people attending — three persons per jet” There’s no hypocrite […]

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