Stop Complaining

I have (another) awful case of poison ivy, for over two weeks now, it just keeps spreading, I’ve no idea how.  The chiggers, fleas and ticks are relentless.  The weather-makers continue to steal our rain and a lap-dance of morons on tyrants make any foray into so-called civilization even worse than this rural recipe for vitriol gumbo.

And just for the record, I do stop complaining from time to time, but never about the weather.  The weather has become my most taboo, vitriol-filled topic ever, far beyond religion or politics, those are light-hearted topics in comparison to the manipulated weather, because the world continues to accept this, by hook and by crook, en masse.

Masks?  Please.  When a UAE sheikh’s harem wants another wave pool for their offspring’s birthday party, half a nation’s rain is diverted immediately in that fulfillment order, no matter if that means the peasants starve for a year.  That’s our global reality, about to get much worse.

You think we’ve got something to complain about now?  If only you could ask your great-grandchildren how they experience the world in their time.

Lucky for us, we don’t have any.  So, I can guiltlessly keep bitching about my infuriating poison ivy.


At the Dentist

It’s amazing to like my dentist during this COVID Plandemic-Scamdemic even more than I had before. Having despised every dentist I’ve ever had until I found her about a decade ago, this has been a most pleasant re-affirmation of my perpetual superior judgement.

She has obliged her staff and clients to the temperature gun on the 3rd eye upon arrival, but apparently that is her limit on personal infringements, bless her heart. She did take all the magazines out of the waiting room, which is disappointing, but tolerable. I did enjoy shuffling through current issues of Texas Highways on my regular visits.

But, she did not require a face-diaper for the privilege of entering her offices or sitting in her waiting room. Again, bless her heart. And you know, she has a garden. Yes indeed, she does, with vegetables even! Heavens only knows how she finds the time.

Of course, there’s the nitrous oxide that’s thoughtfully pumped into my airways when I visit her, and that’s all the more reason to sing her praises. Does it bother me that it cost $50 extra in order to be totally high while my gums are prodded and my teeth drilled? Nope, not really! But, I accept we won’t be able to afford such extravagant expenses for much longer.

They love me even more when I’m on the gas anyway, and frankly, the feeling is mutual. Anyone would prefer me on the gas, myself included.  You know, my hygienist has the same name as me and also totally loves purple—come on now—how is that not a match made in heaven?!

Anyway, I think there was once a point to this post. Seems I’ve lost the thread.

I think what it was is that, I really felt for them, this office full of ladies wearing masks, but not beholden upon others to do the same, not in the least. Nothing highlights righteousness more than leading by example, without coercion, threat, or the myriad other brands of shaming and manipulation.

I tenderly inquired to my hygienist, “Is it hard to wear that mask all day?” She said it was difficult indeed and so she chooses not to wear it in public at all.  I said it gives me a headache instantly, she nodded in agreement.

I thought, in my well-gassed stupor, isn’t that sweet? I furthermore mused that it certainly must be that the whole public mask-wearing nonsense is really about trying to get us all to empathize with those poor long-suffering working folk who are forced to wear masks all day, like my dear purple-wearing hygienist with the same name as me, bless all our dear hearts.

That’s really what it’s all about, right? The abusers and Satanists and worshippers of whateverandwhoeverthefuck—well, they’ve just chosen the left-hand path to wholesomeness and that’s really their way of caring so damn much about us all, right?  Of course, everyone should suffer as the mask-wearers suffer.



The New (Pathologized) Totalitarianism – Consent Factory, Inc. — MCViewPoint

Look, I don’t mean to be depressing, but seriously, spend an hour on the Internet, or talk to one of your hysterical friends that wants to make mask-wearing mandatory, permanently. This is the mentality of the Brave New Normal … irrationally paranoid and authoritarian. So, no, the future isn’t looking very bright for anyone not […]

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How to Grow, Prune and Propagate Raspberries — Deep Green Permaculture

I just wanted to share this fantastic site, here’s just one of their high-quality articles, but there are many more of great value for beginners and old green thumbs alike!  I’m learning so much from them, yippie!! 🙂

Raspberries (Rubus idaeus) belong to the genus Rubus, along with other cane berries such as blackberries, boysenberries, lawtonberries, loganberries, marionberries, silvanberries and tayberries. What’s quite interesting is that the whole Rubus genus is part of the Rosaceae (Rose) family, to which almonds, apples, apricots, cherries, hawthorns, loquats, peaches, pears, plums, quinces, raspberries and strawberries also […]

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Election Season, Seriously?

That’s a season now. Like screaming garage bands are a season.  Like miserable Alice In Chains songs are a season.  Like I can’t grow up is a season.

Like let me drive my boyfriend’s posse to the clubs is a season.  Like let me marry the completely wrong guy is a season.  Like the Grateful Dead always sucked live if you weren’t on drugs is a season.

Like wearing masks is a season.
Like peaches in season used to taste good.
But still I can’t wait for the vaccine is a season.

Like did life always suck so bad is a season.
Like, did I always require perpetual entertainment.
But still I do wonder did I ever really like you ever?

How much lesser is the lesser of two evils
Is the season of love any different than the season of hate

I can’t seem to notice it much, but I figure it must
Or, no, that’s a disease, rather to more medicate

No yet still, tis the season of our virus
it’s the big one, oh yes, this time
say the high on the hog to
the lessers less fine
trained to adapt
to follow but not set
such rhymes
get in line
you sorry wastes of GOD’s
precious time

Babble-On Without Me

My axe to grind is my
Cross to bear
Bares me fairly well too
Snagged this post
Past May’s sun
Where the hot sand strikes
And the beggars run

Days digital free
With such ease
Your dragons cast
No spells on me

Vitriol we’ve got in spades
Sporting far past Mary’s maids
Those now donning masks like
shilling hypocrites
desperate and pathetic
yet obliged
to let sleeping dogs lie
lest we guess correct who
next falls for their
Insipid shallowness

No, that be
Not I
Your Babylon no longer
Tempts me even
Your sirens
Whispering in tubs or
Your pale-eyed
forked-tongued snubs

My worship returns as
Your Babylon burns
Rather to the tick on
Bubba’s arse
Than one moment more of
This so-called



Liberals Are Crazy Idiots — Caitlin Johnstone

“And that’s why liberals hate the true left: because leftists are a constant reminder that liberals aren’t what they pretend to be. That they are just conservatives wearing a fake plastic mask of justice and sanity. That their lives are a crude crayon drawing of the values they pretend to espouse, a layer of feel-good narratives and podcasts and Hamilton songs wallpapered over a rapacious omnicidal machine of endless war, ecocide and oppression.”

HA! Damn she’s good!  I’d share her work even if she were a NAZI! 😉

Whenever John McCain is trending on Twitter I like to try and float a reminder of what a disgusting warmonger he was on top of the trend to disrupt the worshipful hagiography within the mainstream liberal echo chamber.John McCain was a bloodthirsty warmongering psychopath and the world is better off without him. Death is nature’s…

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: The Corporate Technocrats Who Finance Social Justice & Anarchy — RIELPOLITIK

WOW, this is the most depressing list I’ve ever read.  Manufacturing consent and chaos globally—the biggest corporations in the world.

Source – – “…People ask, where does all the money come from to promote and hold nationwide protests that promote the destruction of America? Look no further than Technocrats in corporate America. This list does not include the hundreds of millions from foundations and NGOs” $564 Million: The Corporate Technocrats Who Finance Social Justice […]

via VOODOO ECONOMICS: The Corporate Technocrats Who Finance Social Justice & Anarchy — RIELPOLITIK

De-Nile, Our River

Like all old couples we’ve adopted and ameliorated plenty of bad jokes and even worse puns
Amusement becomes more challenging as one ages
Where once you could or might like to party all night
eventually to party for an hour seems more in sight

And so, De-Nile is not just a river in China, or Idaho, or Guadalajara
And, never let the truth get in the way of a good story
so I hurt my hip, my toe, my heart, by flying  and not by showing off
Let’s just agree to disagree

That history, from wherever it comes
for whatever we pretend it doesn’t matter still we know it does
we cling to old phrases like, from where do your kinfolk come
we know we’ve decided collectively, it matters, so why do we continue to abandon our land to them, why do we bow our minds and sully our soils, to


That lord has more in common with their lord as I have more in common with their peasant master and slave,
I’ve been, native and queen, I’ve been, conquerer, conquered and conquering, I’ve been through all these things and seen life terrorizes all on her own no need for extemporaneously expressed self-righteous assigning
But, let’s carry on, nonetheless, in this copious never ending river of