Wicked Eugene

I winked and smirked
he was a jerk
I crafted that perfect smile
and nodded
cocked my head
ever so slightly
to the left

He’s so damn deft yet
Eugene and me
we have such long history
Where I plant, he plots
Where he resurrects, I bury

We battle for the
Grace of Mary
in Eden’s land we first met Larry
Scary fellow, screamed like
too sweet, too tart, far too alert

Still, they annoy me
their very beck and call
remind me how deep
my stall
where resentment reigns
and putrid mushrooms grow
but in God’s language show

Poison every next
Hemlock, Datura, Henbane call
Crazy Frogs gather all
invite the masks into our den
and pretend, oh no,
Never, no, not ever

And chant gracefully or
again and again
with them

No, no, please no, never,
Don’t ever forget your vaccine!
As to mine enemies
I sing as
says our
and ever so


By Virtue, By Vice

They got you either way
Both sides against the middle
Black or white
Red or blue
Shades of gray

This summer of COVID, they say
Distance, safety, security
locks and lights
Alarms and fast response
Just $1 a day, so they say

Got porn, they got ya
Got religion, they got ya
Got raw milk, guess what
open wide, because you know
You need them

They are so concerned
for your every safety
They tuck you in
Remove your sin with
their love like tin

Wipes, gloves, masks
Their devotion to crisis
Still super-duper
Low gas prices

They got you either way
Predator and prey
Beg them now
Sinners, losers, false claim choosers

Come what may
Do-gooders too, they got your number
No addiction necessary
Mark these days so quite contrary
Devil, angel, wasp and snake

May we all make fiery merry
Hot, wired, wicked
Smooth, sultry, smog
war like fog
Boiling frog and
All ways and always
Come what may
Happy Independence Day

De-Nile, Our River

Like all old couples we’ve adopted and ameliorated plenty of bad jokes and even worse puns
Amusement becomes more challenging as one ages
Where once you could or might like to party all night
eventually to party for an hour seems more in sight

And so, De-Nile is not just a river in China, or Idaho, or Guadalajara
And, never let the truth get in the way of a good story
so I hurt my hip, my toe, my heart, by flying  and not by showing off
Let’s just agree to disagree

That history, from wherever it comes
for whatever we pretend it doesn’t matter still we know it does
we cling to old phrases like, from where do your kinfolk come
we know we’ve decided collectively, it matters, so why do we continue to abandon our land to them, why do we bow our minds and sully our soils, to


That lord has more in common with their lord as I have more in common with their peasant master and slave,
I’ve been, native and queen, I’ve been, conquerer, conquered and conquering, I’ve been through all these things and seen life terrorizes all on her own no need for extemporaneously expressed self-righteous assigning
But, let’s carry on, nonetheless, in this copious never ending river of

Et Tu, Brutes?

Have you ever known anyone to
come down off their high horse to
greet you
when you’re
in the mud?

Or to, stop
for even one
nanosecond to
disengage from their
routine agenda or
lies to
Look you in the eyes and
Reach out their hand?

Have you ever known anyone who
was there
the moment you
were down?

Even from foreign soil, tongue or town
even without sound saw somehow
you were really down?

And so decided
without a second thought
not to
take the shot and
instead to
Reach out his hand?

Have you ever known anyone
who saw you melting in tears
and was not scared away
who saw you
grasping at straws
and still somehow
refrained from
slipping away?

Did you have a mother who stood strong
and a father who played long
were you of that lucky sort of duck
Left it to Beaver
Gilligan’s Island came along?

I did once and now
still I
thank all my lucky stars I
had the uncommon sense to
marry him
because somehow I knew
how very rare that is
to sing along
in such a sad slow song

Obedience: #Iwin

Please sir, show me how I can serve you better
bowing is not enough
taking a knee, no sir, not nearly enough
even the mask, still, it’s just not, at all, enough

I long to serve
I love to grovel
Your hot car, wife, house, boat, plane
just make me marvel
and drool
I so long to be your tool

Might I lie prostrate
gagged and tied
oh my, how I try
to shame all pride

I know you do it, just
to make me better
I take each lesson
adding one more letter

Stars and stripes
accolades, well-crafted shades, fancy shoes
celebrations so to
as avoid any

You won’t ever owe me
I promise
Cross my fingers
Hope to die
Stick that needle
in my eye

I long only to serve

No matter what
Just give me guns, spades and devils
By hook and by crook
We’ll rule this nook

My Lord, false God, thou not in heaven
Just guarantee me
I’ll never have to take
a second look

Den of Thieves

Among them count me here
still feasting on their music, books and seeds
neither proud nor ashamed
just landed here somehow

Ordered sink or swim, but when I sink
I find some thing, some one, some how
buoys me right up again
Back to this den of thieves

Lord technology is our master planner on this planet
Me still his devoted slave
some 3rd rate 3rd rock
fake space race sort of place

Fallen stars
Anglers of angels
Wranglers of lies
Sink or swim my tribe
in this den of thieves

The Frog & the Scorpion

The Frog and The Scorpion: Revisit 2020

But, that’s just what they do
You might as well have
Compassion for the moon

Just go sip by the well
Oh, but, that’s not allowed now
But of course, they do mean
so very well

By the water cooler then
Sorry, I’m afraid
that’s not allowed either

But, that’s just what they do
You’ll adjust
We always do

Frog said you know space is fake
Scorpion said I know
Shut up so we must can enjoy the show

Frog said Remember when I said
How much I trust your thread
That seems odd to me now
I can’t imagine how

Anyway, it doesn’t matter
it’s all about the wow-lol-cow
that brilliant here

Yet not exactly now
Nor new

Just repeat casting of
Yet another shoe
Throw it in with
that same old stew
it’s NEW!

Hate Is Nothing To Fear

If you think those rioters hate you
those others
whoever they may be
hate us
you’re confusing hate
with desperation

Similar to watered down compassion
Similar to love and sex
When you give it out to everyone
just willy-nilly
What value is then left
that’s not just silly

If you hate the man who’s desperate
He covets your life, your wife, your gloves
So much so he snuffs through strife
Your very common sense or
decent fool’s lament

You might see
Hate is just inverted love
As fear is just inverted heart

You think you destroy their art
And history
Jacking monuments and sucking tears
Striking down all meant dear

So Blake has never met your ear
The iron hand crushed the tyrants head
and became a tyrant in his stead

Hate has only passion
For you to fear
Don’t confuse hate with desperation
Hate like love has everything
Yet nothing
For you to fear

Passion, word of the devil
Come and take it, with me
very deliberately
Our sacrament
I need your consent
In case some day
we need repent

Let us hold it
The bravest only
Or the most clever

That I withhold
I do
Because my passion comes
Then lasts


Let us be Ladies again
in order to inspire our men
to be better gentlemen

Men of salt and oil and
so much soul
oh that very soil
Our Loves
of soil and soul

Dark and scary
Light and airy

Let us not wag the finger
nag the ship or
fly false flag
insisting or resisting
instead of covet
the most tender snap or snip

What trap not of
merrymaking illusion
and fairy faking
but of resin and honey
and propolis glue

Weaved in sweet grass
where the I meets, truly meets, the U
what if we had nothing better left to do?

What if, honor met catastrophe and
delusions finally got the best of me,
and thee
Where then would we be?

Let us be Ladies again
Weaving softly in our den
but still conspiring with lies and plies
Yet now with big open and wide eyes

So subtly different yet
still crooning with intent
No longer mesmerized by parliament
Our firm roots detect our firmament

What honor might we seed
Legions might we lead
Rifts might we unite
Sigils might we light

might we someday be Ladies again?
And, if you say yes,
could we please be friends?

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