What’s Growin’ On?

We just wanted to share a few updates from the wee homestead, on the winter garden and other news.

Dreary weather whiplash here, hard to say if our holidays will be white, green, gray or brown, but thankfully we still eat fresh, easily, every day.


Growin’ on now are: broccoli, lots of lettuces, carrots, cabbage, brussel sprouts, beets, kohlrabi, garlic, onions, kale,  our favorite herbs–dill, chervil, cilantro–loads of collards for us and the critters, planted thick as green manure and spring bee food, too, like hairy vetch.

It’s high maintenance, we cover and uncover the boxes as weather requires, and it’s slow growing with shorter days and an abundance of overcast days.

But, the limited harvest results are DELICIOUS!

Triumph for the season:

I was interviewed about natural living on Crow777, a site I’ve mentioned here many times as a cutting edge, paradigm shifting, life affirming podcast I highly recommend.


They follow my nervous-nelly ramblings patiently and pleasantly and thankfully follow me up this week with a professional, a doctor saying exactly what I’m wanting and needing to hear!


Blessings for the season:



Thought for the season:

Manufactured outrage?!  They go berserk over a cute old song and meanwhile, Paradise is lost?!







Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “What’s Growin’ On?”

  1. i can’t wait until it is done. fresh fish and produce each and every day. we have a lot more work to do and then order the fish. another month maybe…it is really simple. a home fish tank can provide fresh produce and herbs for people in small areas like apartments. it would provide fresh lettuce. perhaps a few carrots and radishes. ect.

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  2. brilliant. We are setting up an aqueponics system. The geoengineering has made growing outside impossible. The melons rot on the vine. they look good until you look inside. rotted on the vine. The soil is dying. All across the globe. Their chemicals are wiping out the microbes. We can look forward to a double down next year. They intend to darken the sky for spring. No sun. That is the plan from the Geoengineering monsters they call scientists. I found your site through your interview. Thank you for doing that interview. your not alone. We left the city and huge incomes for a small income. small house and crops. We didn’t plan on the daily poisoning from the air stopping us from growing. We grow in a hoop house now. and indoors.

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