Another Swarm!

We must thank our lucky stars once again.  Last post we caught our first swarm right in the garden, and if that wasn’t easy enough, this one flew right into our trap, as if guided by the Divine!

Positioned high in a pine tree with lovely views of open pasture, lightly seasoned with a few drops of lemon grass essential oil, move-in ready with two frames of fully drawn comb, and violà, our first volunteer tenants.


Apparently they were not privy to any shelter-in-place sort of order.

Guess who else is not abiding by the social distancing commands from their government . . .

And these crazy rebels, well, it’s just shocking how little they care . . .



Bubba does not respect their Authorité!

Buttercup doesn’t know what psy-op even means!  Whaaaa?!?

That is not 6 feet, re-education camp for you!

Last night Tori came to me in a dream and stated matter-of-factly, “I’ll take ‘em all down, easy-peasy, just lemme at ‘em!”


And I replied, “No, each must choose for himself, otherwise we just get more tyranny.”

“LORD Technology is Saturn Worship. It’s the religion of slavery and narcissism. All academia, governments, and courts are Saturn worship. Christ is real. But people are worshiping a human sacrifice. He was the Passover Lamb. To give him your prana is to feed it to the owners of the ritual. The True Cross, or Christ, is a spiritual astringent – the most crucial archetype you can have to survive Saturnism. Christianity is a government trauma cult made by Saturnalians to keep you docile, meek, egoless, and dumb. The Bible was a relic of LORD Technology written to gaslight you. The book sucks all of your cosmology about God into the black hole of scripture. It’s a vacuum where your creativity and prana are sucked into deep space where it can do nothing forever.

I hope this clears things up. After all – this is the Apocolypse.”  James True


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

11 thoughts on “Another Swarm!”

  1. nicely done. thank you for sharing that….now i know what i have been doing wrong and can make right…i too have top bar hives…..i have 2 empty hives waiting for new bees…they are new hives we built hoping to catch a swarm to put in them and didn’t have any luck…i will now though!! thank you for sharing!!

    i love the dogs and sheep! the covert operation called covid19 is the biggest lie ever sold to the human population and those who are doing it are laughing all the way to the bank! the debt being racked up by unpaid bills and mortgages has bankers salivating. the higher interest that gets bumped by credit card companies..miss one payment they go to t a default rate! yummy….mortgages can be be foreclosed on and handed off to their Chinese friends who have jobs and money. massive debt and i expect to see a new ”law” making it illegal for the newly made debt slaves to declare bankruptcy. debtor prison coming for many. that and i wouldn’t be surprised if indentured servitude comes back as well. and all of it….for NOTHING! for a con job! wow…

    glad to see you doing well kensho. love your bees!

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    1. Thanks Highlander, hope you get a catch! I appreciate your visit and viewpoints. Apparently the public capacity for lies is bottomless for far too many and we all pay the price.


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