Last post I criticized the New Age movement but ended with the intention of offering the attributes of it in my opinion this next post.

Let me begin with just a bit of context—why do I care at all about the New Age movement (aka Positive Psychology, New Thought), and why do I think it should matter to a lot more folks?

In a nutshell, I’m interested in everything about culture creation, but especially those forces driving culture in a certain direction, whatever that direction may be.

That is Globalism currently—the One World Government and Religion as being pushed (or in rare cases, pushed back against) by every major institution around the world today.

Spirituality is the new global religion and for an assessment of what this religion is espousing and who are its leaders, here’s a good start.

Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List for 2021 – Watkins MIND BODY SPIRIT Magazine

1 Pope Francis
2 Dalai Lama
3 Black Lives Matter NEW
4 Eckhart Tolle
5 Desmond Tutu
6 Oprah Winfrey
7 Sadhguru
8 Alice Walker
9 Deepak Chopra
10 David Attenboroug

Love, Forgiveness, Positivity are the Father, Son, Holy Ghost of this religion. (Interesting note: Black Lives Matter just replaced Greta Thunburg from last year at position #3).

I heard a succinct sound bite that describes this religious movement: “The worship of the creation (Gaia) rather than the creator (God).”

Of course, all of these labels and angles are generalizations. It’s a very large, global movement with many working factions.

It is meant as a cohesive force, purportedly, based on a desired global peace. Whether or not this is the true purpose or will be the actual result is a matter of opinion, and I’d love to hear them for anyone who cares to share.

My opinion is: The single thing of real value that this religion has to offer is in its opposition to the philosophy of materialism, that is, that consciousness is an illusion and thought is an epiphenomenon of the brain. In other words—there is an ‘extended consciousness realm’ worthy of exploration that is being largely ignored, and often maligned, by modern Scientism.

The irony is, the famous New Agers on that list would probably not identify with the word ‘opposition’. However, the majority of them would identify with the reality that serious research being done in NDEs (near-death experience), reincarnation, ESP, the mind/body connection, etc. is being suppressed by mainstream science.

This is just a little blog that matters little to anyone. I am no scholar, just a very curious middle aged woman who questions Authority and resents attempts at being corralled by insidious (and often tyrannical) social (economical, political, educational, scientific, religious, etc.) forces.

I wonder why experiences and research concerning the possibility of the non-locality of thought is shoved into the fringe realms where, unfortunately, one also encounters a sky-high wall of phonies and fraudsters (quite a number of them I’d say are on that top 100 list!).

Perhaps it is time the Positive Psychology people started cleaning their own house? Or perhaps the first step is to recognize how dirty it really is?

If you are also a curious wanderer and wonder where much of this controversial science is explored, Skeptiko is at the top of my list.

Hope to hear some thoughts, or suggestions, or even criticisms of my wandering trails.

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Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

15 thoughts on “Mind-Body-Spirit”

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that there were other factors. My link just reflects the sole topic on vak zeen rejection. TPTB want everyone poisoned with the vak zeen. They can’t have other leaders blocking them.

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  2. To Hinoeuma, I foolishly & wrongly assumed you were talking about 3 American Presidents even though you never said American presidents. My mistake, you were right 3 foreign presidents did die. Now I know.

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  3. I sure would like to know who these 3 presidents are & where the information came from. That’s quite a dramatic bit of news.

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  4. Hino-
    “Have you picked up on the three presidents that have recently “died” because they refused the stick?“

    Say what??? How about less cryptic, and more facts, links, anything…..

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  5. Most freaks on television…if they spoke the actual truth, either their heads would explode on camera or they would be taken out in the background.

    Have you picked up on the three presidents that have recently “died” because they refused the stick?

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  6. Pope Francis. HA. If you only knew just how BAD the Vatican REALLY is.

    The Dalai Lama…political position more than spiritual.

    BLM…tools of the NWO.

    Heard of Tolle. He strikes me as being in the same vein as Alan Watts.

    Desmond Tutu…politics…not compatible with spirituality.

    Oprah Winfrey…Hollyweird darling, up to her eyeballs in pedophilia. She is a straight up freak.

    Sadhguru…I had to look him up. Indian Yogi. There millions if those. New Age yoga has been infiltrated by the Communist ideology.

    Had to look up Alice Walker…poet & activist. Translation…a tool for the NWO.

    Deepak Chopra…the fact that Wikipedia slams him probably means he is the real deal. Ayurveda is, indeed, powerful. So is a yoga practice without all the “activist bullshit.”

    David Attenborough…hysterical MF. Actually believes that all the poor polar bears will drown when all the seas rise. Thise bears can swim for miles and would eat us uf given the chance. He us a product of Hollyweird & Britain’s version. He is part of the NWO.

    Except for Chopra and possibly Tolle, the rest should be ignored.

    You are on the right track. Have a gander at some of the Chris Thomas material I have. I wish you could get all of his books but, they are mostly out if print.

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