Celebrate Small

Some things are better small, even in Texas. Small markets, small steps, small farms, small solutions.

Get big or get out! That was the slogan of the last century that surely haunts loads of old farmers to this day.

“Many who got big to stay in are now being driven out by those who got bigger. The aim of bigness implies not one aim that is not socially and culturally destructive.”
The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture by Wendell Berry (1977)

“We have always had to have ‘a good reason’ for doing away with small operators, and in modern times the good reason has often been sanitation, for which there is apparently no small or cheap technology. Future historians will no doubt remark upon the inevitable association, with us, between sanitation and filthy lucre. And it is one of the miracles of science and hygiene that the germs that used to be in our food have been replaced by poisons.”

That book was written when I wasn’t yet 10 years old. And it’s only gotten worse.

I ask myself regularly how this is possible. Now it’s not just small farmers, the attacks are against small business, in general.

But, then as now, the attacks are primarily psychological. Folks are lured by promises from thieves and liars, and that’s the better part of the story. Other times, and certainly increasing in our more modern times, they are lead senselessly, through fear and desperation, because they have medical bills, or student loans, or mortgage payments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they see no other way to go on but to sell their souls to the State.

And yet, the seeds of the solutions have always been lying dormant all around us, waiting for our nurturing care and attention.

“Just stop building it.” Catherine Austin Fitts

Brilliant woman who is walking her talk!

“Just move to a smaller community.” Curtis Stone

Homesteading – #SolutionsWatch : The Corbett Report

“Just try it, you never know, you might like it!” me 🙂

One minute of wee piglets being piglets just might seduce you!

A culture is not a collection of relics or ornaments, but a practical necessity, and its corruption invokes calamity. A healthy culture is a communal order of memory, insight, value, work, conviviality, reverence, aspiration. It reveals the human necessities and the human limits. It clarifies our inescapable bonds to the earth and to each other. It assures that the necessary restraints are observed, that the necessary work is done, and that it is done well. A healthy farm culture can be based only upon familiarity and can grow only among a people soundly established upon the land it nourishes and safeguards a human intelligence of the earth that no amount of technology can satisfactorily replace. The growth of such a culture was once a strong possibility in the farm communities of this country. We now have only the sad remanant of those communities. If we allow another generation to pass without doing what is necessary to enhance and embolden the possibility now perishing with them, we will lose it altogether. And then we will not only invoke calamity — we will deserve it.” WB

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Small”

  1. Oh no, that stinks! Of course we all hope for the Curtis Stones as neighbors, not the Bill Gates!! You make some good points—I wonder how to un-indoctrinate folks that exploitation is not ok??


  2. shhhh…..don’t tell them kensho.!!! keep it a secret!! …we will have every lay about in the world running to the country. oh thats right…we already do…

    we have lots of immigrates right now from other states. the mass migration from new york and california, florida and other big cities. people wanting out. then they turn this area into what they left! strip us of our rights to have our small farm. they try to turn the area into covenant controlled…they don’t like the smell, the noise and the animals….They moved to the country so they could get out of the big city and its lock downs…now they want the country to obey them and stop being the country!

    They bring their dogs and kids and turn them loose on the road and on the back woods. on our property! and then say well….you know dogs don’t see boundaries! they don’t understand the ‘no tresspassing’ signs. neither do their kids! no…but you do mr. homesteader.

    The best thing they brought was their drugs….we had a lovely small farm to the south of us for sale. it got bought by a cartel of drug dealers! medical marijuana growers they say but growers of other drugs as well. it sounds just like a factory or perhaps a gravel pit….the noise is endless…the machines ripping and tearing and shredding the ground, the rocks the trees…everything not held down…building factory’s for the weed….the noise…the smell…the endless disease exhaust smell that makes me sick….then there is the people running out here to buy their drugs who are numbered in the hundreds a day. people in the area are losing their property to theft as those buying drugs need to hawk it for more money for more drugs.

    These folks are homesteaders from the big city! lol….that is what they claimed at first until their first raid from the county badge wearers. then they turned them loose the very next day and it is back to business as usual. growing weed to prey on the sick and weak under the guises of ”helping” those in pain!! oh yes….such wonderful people…right!

    We have a guy from California up the road that bought 80 acres and an earth berm house! he is in a panic to become a homesteader FAST! only he has no skills…yet…and put every animal known to man on his property until it has no grass left…it is a feed lot and it smells like one…it reeks of dead animals…he puts those in a pile. along with his trash. apparently has never heard of a trash bin…..his 80 acres is covered!! in pens, dead vehicles, trailers, mounds and mounds and mounds of dead hay and manure.

    don’t mean to be a drag Kensho…i love what you do and how you do it but not everyone is like you…and not everyone respects the land, neighbors, or the environment. most of those running to the country have no respect and no interest in preserving anything other then themselves. and a few people might actually want to have the life like you but the majority of people buying land in the country right now are not like that!! not at all! They have the notion they can do anything they want….those old growth trees? yahoo….bonus! cut them down and turn in them in for green backs! never mind the destruction to the area, the forest, the wild bees, the rest of creation. they got theirs and that is all that matters! I sure don’t want to encourage more ”homesteaders” to come and destroy what is left of the country.

    Forgive me for being a drag…..but that is what i am seeing in our areas….from so called ‘homesteaders’. yours is a rare thing…and you and handsome hubby (as you call him..haha) are not the normal….your above normal….way…way above!

    maybe you could make some money teaching some people in your area how to not be a pig! lol…how to homestead and still have respect for the land and area…i would bet you excel at it!

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  3. I remember watching when Curtis first started out in his backyard. He’s certainly come a long way. My most favorite urban gardener is still today John Kohler @ Growing Your Greens. Besides the miraculous things he does in his own back & front yard he does dozens of interesting interviews with other growers, recipe ideas, plant names & characteristics , tasting plants, fertilizers, etc, etc, etc, You’ll love checking out other sites he visits but always come back to him for current info.

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  4. I’ve listened to Catherine for years. Not only is she brilliant but she’s full of common sense & some times humor in the dire situations we’re in like now. Once a caller (claiming limited resources) was looking for advice on what to purchase first to comfortably survive a bad situation. She replied by telling him , first buy a pallet of toilet paper. Guess you’d have to hear the whole exchange in context to find the humor in it as I did. Her background is amazing & quite scary as to what the big guys can do to you if you become a whistle blower.

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