Team ‘No Virus’

I wish I knew how many people have questioned the existence of viruses. Certainly in the last few years that number has jumped significantly thanks to the work of ‘Team No Virus’ and the mountain range of material they have contributed to the debate.

Still, most folks have no idea there is a debate happening at all, unfortunately. I hope I’m wrong! But, even among anti-vaxxers I get the impression that the viral delusion has not yet crossed their radar in any serious way. I get the sense they’ve heard of it, but then dismissed it automatically, because the belief in the existence of deadly pathogenic viruses is so deeply engrained in our culture.

It is a belief so penetrating that folks have even stopped looking for any logic to support it.

“Our own Jake Wynn argues that it wasn’t until the death of President Garfield in 1881 that the American public and physicians began to turn toward germ theory. His slow and painful descent from an assassination attempt was well documented and publicized at the time. Americans read in their daily papers about the lingering and avoidable pain that Garfield suffered from infection. For more than two months the public got continuous updates about the President’s condition, and countervailing voices advocating antiseptic practices grew louder. Garfield, himself a veteran, was (in the words of Jake Wynn) the last victim of Civil War medicine.

The lessons for today are pretty clear, and thankfully the world’s medical community has learned from it. Two-thirds of all deaths in the Civil War came as a result of disease. Knowledge of germ theory now enables organizations like the World Health Organization, or WHO established in 1948, to prevent the hundreds of thousands of deaths from disease seen in the Civil War. Other entities like our own Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, works to prevent the spread of disease both at home and abroad by encouraging international learning and cooperation. The National Institute of Health shares scientific research from around the globe with our own American medical professionals. We here at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine are proud to facilitate this dialogue, and we look forward to continuing it with you when you visit.”

“The Direct and Logical Consequence” – Germ Theory and the Civil War – National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Pretty clear where they stand in this debate. Logical? Hardly.
But, what about the other positions?

The popular freedom-loving crowd backs Team RFK, Jr. His take is that germ-theory is still the go-to theory because, well, basically because that’s what his fan club believes. Logic and real science be damned.

Team No Virus has just published a statement that has my full respect and support.

There are some amazing researchers on Team No Virus, here are a few: Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Drs. Samantha & Mark Bailey, Mike Stone of Viroliegy, Christine Massey.

The deconstruction of the entire field of virology is in process. And I say good riddance, as it is a pseudoscience. I say this with confidence after reading and listening to now hundreds of hours of material provided by these researchers and available at our fingertips. I stand firmly with Team No Virus until the popularity contest is finally over and logic and reason win over half-truthers and opportunists.

I agree wholeheartedly with the Doctors’ statement:

“It seems obvious to us and, in fact, has been a guiding principle throughout our entire lives that a life based in freedom and integrity must have a solid, factual foundation. In other words, if the foundation is not based on the truth, as best we can see it, our entire lives are based on mistruths and are in danger of collapse at any moment. Imagine building a relationship, a family, a homestead based on love between two people when the reality is that, rather than love, there is distrust, suspicion and even ill will. Sooner or later, that life will collapse into ruins. This is the same with a financial system based on fiat currency, an agricultural system based on inattention to the health of the soil, or a medical system based on anti-scientific medical hypotheses. After careers of examining medical research and theories, and three years of intensive investigation into the question of whether particles or, perhaps better said, entities known as viruses actually exist, it is our clear conclusion that no such particle has ever been shown to exist, let alone cause any disease in plants, animals or people. For us, this conclusion stands as a clear fact.
It is also clear that the dramatic events of the past three years, events that have devastated the lives of many people all over the world, are based on this very misconception that so-called pathogenic viruses exist. This misconception has been around for a very long time, and it has led to damaging public health measures, the most notorious being vaccines, which have themselves harmed and killed millions of animals and people during their long and sordid history.
—This carnage needs to stop.”

The way I see it is, to look the other way now, because it’s inconvenient, or difficult, or unpopular is to spin our wheels on the pavement of evil.

“Over the past few years, this is exactly what happened to many of us. Powerful forces in society unilaterally decided that many of our highest priorities — feeding ourselves and our families, experiencing social connection, exercising, worshiping and connecting with nature — many of these things vital to our health and even survival — suddenly didn’t matter anymore.
There was no negotiation. There was no attempt to figure out how we could all get what we wanted — creative solutions, like the Great Barrington Declaration, were sabotaged and vilified. We were simply told: your priorities are worth sacrificing. And all this over a virus that doesn’t even threaten most people’s lives.”

What virus, Mary?

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

13 thoughts on “Team ‘No Virus’”

  1. I just caught on to this recently. Haven’t seen any proof, either way. Which is curious if we’ve been studying them so long. Thanks for the links.

    One thing that is definitely true, Snake oil salesmen never change.

    I’m sending Mia over here. This is more her bailiwick. For myself, I always figured Creator had a system in place, and our “best” efforts were sure to screw that up.

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  2. Team No Virus for me. Just sayin’.

    Late to this discussion, but just finished watching “What Virus, Mary?” (I had read a few of your earlier links to planetwaves substack posts on RFK, Jr, relating to the RFK/CHD ‘position’ on Cov…) All I can say is “Wow”!! The lies of a virus stand; with no proof, and those who point out that there IS NO PROOF of a virus need more proof that there’s no proof, and need not be so emotional about it!

    It defies logic. I heard no vitriol in the questions for Mary as presented. ‘Oh, there needs to be a debate, but civilized.’ I guess the woke snowflakes get butthurt if someone uses an exclamation point asking for proof of something that has ravaged society for 3 years now (more like over 100 years, but I digress).

    I suspect that controlled opposition organizations like CHD are fully supported money laundering/theft rings, run by sociopaths and actors, controlled by psychopaths.

    Thanks for all you do!

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    1. Much obliged! I appreciate you reading and commenting so thoughtfully! 🤗

      You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about this constant criticism of ‘vitriol’ they are getting. It is diabolical really, because those who keep using it are not hurt, they are not offended—this is a tactic of covert tyranny. What it actually demonstrates to me is, they are not emotionally invested at all and they use this lack of care as a way to control the narrative and to make their opponents seem ‘immature’ for being emotionally invested. It’s very similar to the way victims are expected to behave in a court of law—no emotion allowed or they are called unstable, or even crazy, while they are recounting the crimes against them. Imagine the dissociation required on the part of the victim in order to fit into that role and atmosphere. By forcing this behavior modification, the voiding of any appropriate emotion, they are putting themselves in a parental role, with their ‘accusers’ being perceived as rule-breaking children.

      And you are so right, CHD is RAKING it in!


  3. My global group has come to the conclusion viruses don’t exist. Bacterial infections, yes….and poisons. We also came to the conclusion that “colds & flu” are nothing more than exosomes cleaning up/out toxin overload.

    I, personally, have been re-investigating a diet that I heard of back in the 90s but, paid little attention to. The science behind it is interesting. Back in the 90s, it was derided as fake but, it silently grew. It’s blood-type based, with secretor & non-secretor information, meaning, does someone secrete their blood type in saliva & other fluids or not. Rh factor makes no difference (unless donating blood). Not all foods are good for all blood types.

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    1. Glad to hear it about your group, thanks for sharing. I’d been thinking about bacterial infections, need to look into that one more. I believe Team No Virus says they are not contagious.

      I was on that diet for about 2 years, recommended by a nutritionist. It did work, but the problem was I couldn’t eat my favorite foods, so, it was just depressing. Oh how I missed wheat and dairy! When I put my fav foods back in my diet after following that ‘Eat Right for your Type’ diet, I followed the advice of Weston A Price, which I remember you also have followed a bit, no? When I properly soaked/cooked the grains and started using raw milk I no longer had any bad reactions to those foods.

      Come to think of it, that trip to the nutritionist is a prime example of our ridiculous Western medical establishment. I went to a gastroenterologist at the same time, where there was a waiting room packed to the gills and I had to wait 30 minutes even though I had an appointment. The nutritionist office was empty. After the first conversation, which took about an hour, she told me to start that diet. At the gastroenterologist, he (finally) spent about 10 minutes with me, told me I’d have to come back 3 times over the next 2 months for some really invasive tests, like a colonoscopy, and he wouldn’t have a bit of advice for me until all that was done. I thought, this is insane. I’m not going through all that if all I have to do is change my diet to solve this issue. So, I never went back, and I’m quite the better for it, I’d say!


      1. A colonoscopy is something I would never do. You are not sticking anything up my hoo-hoo. A vaginal exam was bad enough. I don’t do them, anymore, either.

        No wheat or dairy? You must be an O type…as am I.

        D’Adamo & Price have some of the same ideas. Price comes at it via teeth health. Both cover the lectin problem. There is incredible science behind both. With Price, an incorrect diet will destroy your teeth. With D’Adamo, an incorrect diet will bring on autoimmune trouble, leaky gut, heart disease organ trouble AND dental issues.

        It is quite possible that raw milk does not cause problems for anyone. It is the pasteurization that screws up the milk proteins (lectins being proteins, too). It’s all about the handling of the food. In follow the type diet, did you ever come across data on O-Types doing well with sourdough? I LOVE simple ingredient sourdough. Our local market makes it with four ingredients.

        Speaking of, this has been helpful:

        On a phone, dark green is neutral, bright green is good, bright yellow is bad and gray is…they don’t know. The list doesn’t cover EVERY food but, it gets close.

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  4. I did not read every link but if there is no such thing as viruses what is making everyone so sick (including my children 😬) I know we have had some bacterial things this year but we have had several would be viruses. I guess I don’t understand what they would be if not viral? This is a premise I’ve never heard before. (As we sit here fighting bacterial strep throat right now 🤦🏻‍♀️)

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    1. Ug, sorry to hear y’all are sick again, I know what a time you’ve had lately from your blog! In a nutshell, it’s toxicity. Food, air, water, stress. And, thanks for asking. I know how difficult it can be to talk about and I’m no doctor. But, listening to these doctors for some time now and knowing you a bit from your blog, if I may be so bold as to point to what it could be, instead of a virus, is the sanitizing products you are using in your home, any medications you might be taking to help the symptoms for you and kids, not to mention the air pollution from the ‘chemtrails’ and radio frequencies of the WiFi and weather modification/geoengineering.

      The anti-bacterials, the artificial scents and sweeteners, the chemicals in everything from salad dressings to toothpastes to deodorants—these are making folks sick. You didn’t vaxx, right?

      There’s a documentary that might be a good introduction for you to these ideas. It’s called “Terrain” and it’s on Amazon for a couple of dollars, probably other places too, but not for free I’m afraid. I see you like reading, and there are a couple of books, “Virus Mania” and “The Invisible Rainbow” that I learned a lot from.

      Happy to answer anything else I can!

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      1. I will watch the Terrain. We did the common childhood vaccines but skip flu & covid vax. Until this year we did not use a lot of medicines but have been so sick I’ve felt we had no choice. My family rarely ever got sick before 2020 aside from seasonal allergies to the entire world in spring/fall. I’ve also been working on switching to natural cleaners. It’s rough being raised by a nurse with OCD to untie myself from trust in sanitizers and medicines. I do honestly believe that over sanitizing everything makes people sick. It’s so crazy to me that every parent I talk to has said their kids have been sick so so much this year, my best friends son even randomly came down with leukemia at 6 years old after being relatively healthy (although he does have “autism…” ) thanks for your response I will definitely look further into my products as I have also been my food.

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        1. Good luck and God speed! And thanks again for sharing and being open-minded! At first I had a hard time moving away from the chemical cleaning products. I still use bleach, but only a few times a year. Same with bug sprays. I know you are interested in the herbal remedies, so I think this is another motivation we delve more deeply into herbs, which is exciting! For me, going back to basics on all those things, simplifying, is so much better than purchasing more product, even the ‘healthy’ kinds. I’m getting quite ‘anti-consumerism’ in my old age, HA! 😆

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