Homestead Happenings

Time to wine!

It’s hot. It’s dry. It’s miserable. Every day we enter the garden and the orchard knowing we’ll find something else dead.

First it was the tomatoes, then the salad cucumbers and cantaloupe, now it looks like even the tomatillos are giving up before ever producing well. The squashes are all struggling and the peppers and figs are mostly stalled.

I wish that meant it was time to rest on our laurels and have some long, slow and sweet indoor days of movie marathons and Kombucha cocktails.

But no such luck, because it’s time for making wine!

Our painstakingly cultivated Muscadine grapes are not doing well, we expect a minimal harvest, at best.

But, the native Mustang grapes are a lot tougher, apparently.

So, fortunately! We’re still able to make some wine and jam.

Did I mention it’s really F’ing HOT? And dry?

I’d whine a lot more, except I keep going back to the miracle of all the critters and plants who can take it so much better than we can. Though, I know they are struggling too, and are just less whiney than I am.

And just for those keeping track, the ‘chemtrails’ have not abated.

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

6 thoughts on “Homestead Happenings”

  1. It feels like we’re living in a Twilight Zone episode, I swear. I have a feeling they’re going to start hitting us hard all in the areas here they want to move us peasants to the cities. Like Napa valley, they won’t think twice of burning or flooding anyone they want out, out.

    It’s incredible how bold and in your face they’ve become yet so many refuse to see it.

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  2. Thanks! Yep, that’s amazing all right. Hope that lasts. We joke they’ve got the chemtrail ‘spray on’ rain and the ‘spray away’ version. We only get the last one, all summer long. They move our precipitation into the metro areas where it can cause the most profits in their disaster capitalism markets. 😒

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