Be the Bigger Person

Don’t you wanna be?
Just because you’re 13 and she’s 33?
It’s so fun and amazing!

Level One Hypocrisy
She’s new here
Adore her, as I do, today
Next year, there will be another
Adore her too
And whatever else I say

Level up from One
We don’t spank here
Manipulation of a higher order reigns
We’ve included in your programming
Logic, we call it Now
Your feels are not only pointless
But evidence to insist you’ve missed
Clearly due to your still small size
And lack of diligence
Your upgrade to

Level Two
I’d rather owe it to you than cheat you out of it
I’ll reason with you, at 6 through 9
Call this consent
My reward program is beyond
Mere ice cream
or mere frustration
I beg your consent
Child or lame, scared but tamed
Easily fooled, again and again

Level Three
You are duty-bound, don’t you see?
Your bones, your ether, your ancestry
Have created your abject misery
Splotched with ephemeral joy
Replicated-rescinded automatically
Through our gyro-toy
Our perfected gateway system
Where the most feeble and most evil
Are those most fully
proofed and affected
Where love is affliction and
Pain is addiction and
Clichés are worshipped as
Perpetual wedding days

You’ve well-earned that
Precious 3rd degree

Humility vs Humiliation

So she read my diary
Slept with my boyfriend
Had his baby
That was such a long time ago

I’m over it
You know
I’m just not the type
to hold a grudge

No anger
No justice
Smile schmuck
Carry on

I was glad to be rid of him
So needy
Lucky they had that sun 
Sorry I mean son

He was circumcised
jabbed with every needle
under the sun
that son 
She was so loyal
Her big-pharma bosses
those cocks so lovingly

Catty bitch was she
I loved her for that
most of all
Serves me right

I was vindictive
one time
an unfortunately
short-lived situation 
I just don’t have it in me 
Trainers in tyranny are reserved for
upper classes and
obedient masses

In any case
She wore her bitch on her sleeve
Her success was guaranteed 
That she should spare me
that was my own
Destination Folly

Big Pharma loves materialistic divas
pretty is necessity 
Where it lacks
oh no worries
they’ll find
those hacks
fillers crimpers plumpers
liners blushers boobs
all free for
She of Loyalty

Time will tell
I know 
Bitches fade
like flurried snow 
Whereas my grimed hands
unpolished and
unforgiving lands of
barbed walled gardens
forever paying for
long lost ancestors’ sins
So it would seem
I will never give in

Rather to die at the wellspring of truth
than to deny even tyrannical roots
Rather to feign than fawn
Rather to challenge each dawn
Than to accept random
despots’ decisions
Choosing my weather
what it does and
just how it defines the soils
I’ll forever walk upon

Word Smash: Droplets of Coral

Vibrant Vindictive
Impossibly Effective
(Un) Washed Welcoming Witness
Uni-spawning Sing-a-longing
Forbidden Fruit
Crowley Crossed
Cattle Calling
Darkness Worshipping
Irreverent Insolent
Ghoulishisly Eccentrically
Deliciously Dismissive


Word Smash: Droplets of Turquoise

Cancerous communitarian
Infectious egalitarian
Seductive Swaying Sirens
Sparrows Hearts
Splotched Canvas
Sloppy Sublime
Leopard Print Pale/Reversed
Wanna-Be Butterfly
Imitator Facilitator
Lusciously Deliciously
Impossibly Unconsciously Warm
Magnetically Tepid

Word Smash: Droplets of Yellow

Self-absorbed Self-reliant
Autistic Aloof
Egotistical Lone Wolf
Uncooperative Ambitious
Team Player: Not
NAZI-ishtic Übermensch
Resilient Uncompromising
Impenetrably Impervious Intransigence
Idealistic Nihilist
Lonely Bored Argumentative
Independent Inquisitive
Unapologetic Unyielding
American cowboy


Election Season, Seriously?

That’s a season now. Like screaming garage bands are a season.  Like miserable Alice In Chains songs are a season.  Like I can’t grow up is a season.

Like let me drive my boyfriend’s posse to the clubs is a season.  Like let me marry the completely wrong guy is a season.  Like the Grateful Dead always sucked live if you weren’t on drugs is a season.

Like wearing masks is a season.
Like peaches in season used to taste good.
But still I can’t wait for the vaccine is a season.

Like did life always suck so bad is a season.
Like, did I always require perpetual entertainment.
But still I do wonder did I ever really like you ever?

How much lesser is the lesser of two evils
Is the season of love any different than the season of hate

I can’t seem to notice it much, but I figure it must
Or, no, that’s a disease, rather to more medicate

No yet still, tis the season of our virus
it’s the big one, oh yes, this time
say the high on the hog to
the lessers less fine
trained to adapt
to follow but not set
such rhymes
get in line
you sorry wastes of GOD’s
precious time

Babble-On Without Me

My axe to grind is my
Cross to bear
Bares me fairly well too
Snagged this post
Past May’s sun
Where the hot sand strikes
And the beggars run

Days digital free
With such ease
Your dragons cast
No spells on me

Vitriol we’ve got in spades
Sporting far past Mary’s maids
Those now donning masks like
shilling hypocrites
desperate and pathetic
yet obliged
to let sleeping dogs lie
lest we guess correct who
next falls for their
Insipid shallowness

No, that be
Not I
Your Babylon no longer
Tempts me even
Your sirens
Whispering in tubs or
Your pale-eyed
forked-tongued snubs

My worship returns as
Your Babylon burns
Rather to the tick on
Bubba’s arse
Than one moment more of
This so-called



That’s Not True

There’s no mano a mano
The schmucks need a crew
Else they’ve no clue whatsoever
No, not so whatever
What to do

Give it to him straight
He’ll block and he’ll ban
until his whole posse’s Irrate

He’ll mole deep into his
Mother goose shoe
And whine
But . . . but . . . still,
he’ll say . . . but . . . Because
I say So!
And So it is!
And I’ll blacklist you!
And I know how to hit delete too!

Surrounds himself with tools
All the more, All the better
No need to deal ever again with the tar and feather
Can become just another one of those humpty dumpties
All the cowered men to clean up his grumpy rumpings

I’ve the power to crown you Royal Retard, he cries!
Cower to the corner infidel
Take your spanks
Else I whip you to the lowest ranks!

But I’m so fair, don’t you see
Blue-eyed devil fiend-cum-friend
But still, I’ve no idea what you mean
Tribe up, don’t you see
Look what’s out there, so much worse than me
Tartuffery never crossed my feigning warlock witchery

I’ll change your mind your heart your very dictionary
But I’m the good guy, don’t you see
And, I don’t mean to stomp, NO!
But, Wait, oh, 
Yes I do!

Mobius Strip

We’re in a dojo, don’t you know
We must always be braced for the down and low
We must always trust
Life will buoy us back up
We must stop pointing out
To look deep within
And unearth our power
Again and again
The greatest warriors ever known
Reside eternal in our bones
Beside the greatest lovers and crafters and old zen masters
Open your eyes big and wide
Clear your heart, lift your mind
Drink in the immutable honor of your ancestors’ pride

Firm of Mind

Death in slow motion
in tandem with a
quick step in double-time
one stomp in nine
Steals, no
steels the rhyme

The ferment tears up, salt
No, that is tears down, carbon
just like me
just like there’s
No such thing as gravity

The firmament is breathing
just like me
Hales exodus then in sense brings
Truth like the
most tart wine

The right thing is always the hardest as
love and grape are worthless
withering on the vine and
tainted with slogans and politics and
Such cringe-worthy placating acts of
complete cowardship like
Claimed false priestesses of peace-like
branding thanks to the
Club of Rome crafting
incessantly flimsy chains of
velvets smacking

So I beg you
Gag making, BLM faking
Marianne Williamson, as others
on your progressive
left based elevating
Wormwood eaten platform of
false love of
Moves only suffocating

This one is just for y’all
Because I so long to see
a mask of shame, that is
a sort of love-spouting muzzle
so that the smoke is coming from right
where it should at last
And by that I mean to be
most crass

Because that means
No longer from your mouth but
Right out of your
skinny paper white
agenda-driven ass