The Illusion of Abundance

I grew up on fast food, TV dinners, mac & cheese, like most middle class Americans. And I liked it, like most middle class Americans. Because, I didn’t know any better. Like most middle class Americans.

We had a constant supply of chips, cookies, candy, coke, and all things convenience. Our cupboards and fridge were never empty. I never worried I would go hungry.

And yet, I know now, decades later, I was malnourished. I know this in retrospect, like I know now I was also vaccine injured. It is not until you know what real nourishment feels like, what real health feels like, that you can recognize its opposite.

I feel like I was one of the lucky ones. I saw it in time. I traveled, so I saw how different my normal actually was, in the wider context. No other culture ate like we did. Every other culture was healthier than we were. It has since changed in the last decades, as more cultures adapt to Western, particularly the modern American, faux-food diet.

But this realization is far from new or unique. As James Corbett so well documents, and I’m elaborating on now with personal anecdote, food as a weapon is not new or unique.

When was food weaponized? Well, let’s just say, it’s been a minute.

My food upbringing was normalized and enhanced— baby formula replacing breast feeding, a dozen vaccines added per decade, cooking from scratch becoming obsolete, supplements becoming de rigeur, pharmaceuticals coming to rule the world of health where food once reigned.

And the conquering continues.

“The answer is simple. We are witnessing a controlled demolition of the food supply chain, one that is intended to result in the destruction of the current industrial farming system as we know it. But this changeover is not intended to return us to truly sustainable farming practices, with local, organic farmers producing crops in accordance with age-old agricultural wisdom. Far from it.
As it turns out, the “solution” to this food crisis being proffered by the billionaires of the corporate-pharmaceutical-medical-industrial-philanthrocapital-military complex is being engineered in laboratories and sold to the public via a bought-and-paid-for mainstream media.
One thing is for certain: the future of food will look very different from anything that we have seen in human history.

Scientists are bioengineering spores that can be inserted into crops and livestock, allowing companies to identify and track food products all the way through the food system, from farm to factory to fork.
DARPA is doling out multi-million-dollar contracts for researchers to find ways “to turn military plastic waste into protein powder” for human consumption.
A company called Amai Proteins is using genetically engineered microbes to create peptides that taste like sugar but are digested like proteins. And the best (read: worst) part is that, “[a]lthough these microbes are technically genetically engineered, the desired products can be purified and legally sold as non-GMO”!”

Just as my home cupboards were full, todays grocery stores are full. As we suffer mass malnutrition.

Yes, some claim shortages because they can no longer find cheap cat food. Whatever.

A food supply abundant with non-nourishing food is worse than empty store shelves. Exponentially worse. We are a population lulled into the illusion of abundance for the last six decades plus.

If you think that’s not a deliberate and highly effective conquering strategy, you are a fool.

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

15 thoughts on “The Illusion of Abundance”

  1. checked the video we get that all the time. inky oily sky. engine oil or diseal fuel rainbow nasty crap. good filming whoever put it together. and that is what people think is so ‘pretty”….insane world is right

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  2. You are spot on! a lie told the government and the media and people jump to! kill their animals and themselves or like you said. lock them up because a ”wild” bird might…could…may…might…be sick. like dane says…no proof just someone said it in ‘authority’ or these people believe is their highest authority even over the god they claim to believe in!

    i have seen people at the store once that said…oh…look at the pretty sunset…and we laughed at them. quite literally…jesus you people are stupid we said…look up it is chemical haze…it isn’t pretty at all.

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  3. starvation is a great equalizer and with it they have people eating each other as well as tofu and bugs. killed the worlds chickens based on the same pcr testing they used for people for a flu that doesn’t exist

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    1. I just had a friend over who was telling me about a guy she knew who got inspected and had one chicken ‘test positive’ and they killed all his chickens, like 1,000! His advice—don’t use your credit card at the farm & ranch stores, that’s how he was tracked and invaded by the State.

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      1. good point. i haven’t used credit cards for 20 years or so. for purchases anyway. online like wordpress and stuff like that i have little choice. but i do limit it.
        how do you ‘cure’ an illness by slaughter? that doesn’t fix anything. besides which it is their word against the farm. 1 bird tested did he volunteer for the test or did the mass murderers with badges stop by and see what they could do? tested by force and you don’t get to see the results….the government keeps those records and the farmer has no recourse.

        i knew a man in colorado who had a cow tested for mad cow he didn’t do it. someone bought one of his cows. tested it and they attacked him and slaughtered all his herds. all of them. he asked for the test results and they said no. he had to sue them to get it and it turned out they test wasn’t for his herd. doesn’t matter. dead is dead. his herds wiped out. for no reason. that is a power that NO ONE should have! to slaughter farms, farmers, livestock for no reason.

        if you research the b.s. about bird flu they will tell the public the meat is fine to eat don’t worry and the birds don’t even die from it. they show no signs of sickness they just have to test them and find ”it” just like covid and boom..they wipe out the animals. laughing all the way to the dumpster. and the dump. i am surprised farmers don’t fight it but they are paid to keep their silence and are given gag orders to say nothing…here is your check little farmer…now keep your mouth shut

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        1. Bird flu, so ridiculous! And it’s not just large farmers. So yes, I get it, definitely some of this is unscrupulous farmers who just want to get paid, and if it’s by the government or the consumer they couldn’t care less. But there’s also loads of small farmers and backyard flockers who really believe it. I’ve read posts of these believers claim they must coop their chickens and follow all kinds of med protocols so they don’t spread the bird flu from their chickens to the wild bird populations. Same folks look into the sky and think all the lines that cover us in a hazy film and random chemical rainbows across the sun are from normal air traffic. Some folks think it’s cool and beautiful! OMFG, what kind of lunatic hell asylum are we in?!
          Check out the vid at the 10 minute mark—

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    1. what makes you think your not eating a tofu burger?….is it really meat or rat tar-tar or perhaps grandma ground up and put in the big WHOPPER! ?It is in the sauce as mcdonalds says….with their pink slime chicken and people burgers they serve…yummy. i would rather grow chickens in my basement….or buy beef from a local beef processor at least i know what is in it….i get what you mean though

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  4. well said!! excellent.. and very true. try homemade butter, raw milk, fresh eggs for just a few things that show the quality we have lacked all our lives from what is offered in the store. that crap isn’t food. it is feedlot food. it keeps you alive. barely but you won’t flourish. your brain cells go to sleep. obviously. you lack oxygen and eventually you rot while standing up. your body dead but your still walking and talking.

    well done kensho!!

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