Queen Myth-Makers

The following is a guided step-by-step in creating the perfect family myth. 

First, you need a volunteer myth-maker.  You will need a covert narcissist for this function.

The covert narcissist will need a team of flying monkeys. These are easy to create or buy.

She will need to be highly skilled in manipulation.  Most likely she will have learned this craft from her mother, as did she from her mother before, and so on.  

She will need to be married to an overt narcissist, this makes the ideal toxic family cocktail.  She will need to create trauma-bonding and sibling rivalry in the intimate environment through various forms of chaos-creating, including divorces, constant big parties and events; Sample menu: hors d-oeuvres of guilt and shame, a main course of roasted denial bullshit, and a dessert of flaming marzipan-coated turd-lies.

She will be able to move with ballerina-like precision between states of victimhood, coquettery, contempt, servitude, flattery, and various other forms of emotional witchcraft, and be magically-skilled at spinning every pair of granny panties into thongs.

She will need to remain oblivious to the drugs her children are consuming, provided by enablers on her staff.  Once they reach legal age this ‘selective blindness’ will be forgotten, or denied, or normalized, or most likely, all of the above in a varying cascade of verbal and visual spellcraft.


This is speculation only.  I have no experiences or acquaintances in this domain.  It is for entertainment purposes only.


The Sea of Twaddle — Dispatches from the Asylum

Some sane words about the insanity, refreshing.

As the sea of twaddle rages on from the psychopath’s, diverting the attention of the unwashed with a steady diet of sludge on all that is unimportant, fed through a tether-line of their f**kery into the hand-held radiation devices the masses are addicted to, there is another “sea” out there – the sea of innocents, […]

via The Sea of Twaddle — Dispatches from the Asylum

Chilling Roosters and Boiling Frogs

I wonder what it is like to be a lover of life-squashing.  Or enjoying the chill of boiling frogs.


Like this one CIA program among so many others  You see, because life means so little to them, and power so very, very much.  But it’s not about the CIA, this is so much older, so much deeper, so much bigger, and sadder, and harder, and simpler.

I don’t get it, why are y’all self-harming for him, enlighten me, please.

Because too many are too disengaged.  The opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy.  It’s “I don’t know what to do, and . . .” Nothing.  Let’s stop there.  And have lunch. And get back to life as we know it, which is just bloody rosy as hell.

The sun will come out tomorrow.  Little Orphan Annie.  Perhaps Big Daddy Warbucks will tuck you in one more time. Pray on that.

You know, if you’d just get them before the age of 3, your mind control would be so, so much more simple, and effective. Just ask Mengele.

Could you be a member of a cult? The whole family thinks you’re crazy and making up lies about the absolute perfection of our existence! And being a bully to boot! #scapegoat

You refuse to see gray, insist to paint all white, well, what other choice do you give me, in this pre-conditioned slave paradigm?

But, what happened, oh so wise ROOSTERS?

A trip-up in your programming?

So very trendy now, I wonder why, and how?

Never happened. All normal, mass illusion, Disney programming, all in good fun, laugh along now . . .

Or just continue to sleep . . .just dream . . .  All suits us very fine . . . .




What Is Evil?

Nowadays asking ‘what is evil?’ is a lot like asking ‘what is food?’.  Folks in the modern day seem to have lost their sense of what evil actually is, just like they think Twinkies and Doritos are real foods just because they consume them, they think evil is an equally nebulous category based on shifting and subjective preferences.

This is not true at all.  Evil has an objective definition and it is that which is against life.  When something is struggling for life, and a person is deliberately trying to squash that life, that is evil.  If that life-squashing is an enjoyment to that person, well, maybe we could call that evil-doubled.

None of us are innocent of all evil deeds, no doubt.  But accountability is a requirement if we are to grow as individuals and as a culture.  It should not be a question if a 300 pound adult sitting on a child as a habit while she kicks and screams and he is finding this amusing is abuse or not.  If you are watching while this happens and do nothing, you are allowing abuse to happen, which is also a form of abuse.  Hurt people go on to hurt people.

Hate the sin, not the sinner.  Good advice?  I certainly don’t wish to paint everything black or spread hate or seek revenge or tarnish good names, but I am really beyond the continued whitewashing of evil.  I’m no saint, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give evil a free pass and a sugar coating to boot.

Just being a good provider does not make a good person.  This doesn’t mean throwing the entire character of the man under the bus, it means, learning from his mistakes.  It doesn’t mean excusing him because he too was abused, it means facing all the evil and abuse of generations and ending the cycle at last.  If he were a truly good man, that’s exactly what he’d be wishing he’d eternally be inspiring his family to do.  That’s what it means to be a good person, not fun stories coated in marzipan for the benefit of ‘feeling good.’

Painting the world in rosy tones or blinding neon per your preference still does not mean there’s no rot in the cellar.

We need to get the rot out of this country.  And that means we all need to grab a bucket and a scrubber and get to work in our own lives.  And that means looking at the rot all around each one of us, the rot we were handed as children without our consent, living in a hostage situation as all children are, and cleaning up the Stockholm syndrome of our own upbringings.


Facing Adultism with Adam Fletcher


The Horrors Behind Shirley Temple, what kind of evil are we celebrating here?



Weeping Mary (video)

As I recently wrote, the Caddo Mounds located in Weeping Mary, near Alto, TX, were leveled, along with loads of damage in Alto and other areas.  I’ve driven there twice, it’s not too far from us, and what I’ve witnessed is still baffling to me.

Caddo Mounds Tornado: Texas Historic Site Struck




I saw a cow in labor, dead on the side of the road.

According to this report there was a lot of blood and one death.


I tried to take these videos, from my phone, and I do really apologize they are not better quality.  I was alone and driving 50 mph and have no experience with video at all.  I thought to learn some editing, try to slow it down or something, but what’s so striking is how long the damage goes on, which is why I had the music on.  I couldn’t even get it all, my phone wouldn’t save/send that much.  But here’s a glimpse, at least.

That’s the Neches river that’s flooded to the road.  The 2nd video includes the mounds, minus the structures.

I do not believe this is a ‘natural disaster’ or a typical tornado, as has been claimed. Perhaps y’all will see what I see a bit better from the videos.



For those interested in this geographical area, and why it might be a lucrative location for some good ole fashioned disaster capitalism, I can recommend several books for further research.

Mound Sites of the Ancient South: A Guide to the Mississippian Chiefdoms by Eric E. Bowne

Bulletin of Texas Archeological Society Volume 69/1998

Land of Bears and Honey: A Natural History of East Texas by Joe C. Truett and Daniel W. Lay


On Sacking Rome!

On sacking Rome. That is: On Censorship! YAY!
If we had a dime for every bloke screaming censorship right now we could build our own damn castle in Narnia.

Seriously?  You want to sack Rome, but you expect them to provide the roads?

Wow!  Basic training bugles sounding now.

The censorship banner is waving so fast and furious it’s like Kundera or Kafka or Poet-President Havel—if you haven’t been to prison you haven’t lived!  Please, censor me, I never expected or prepared for this, and now I’m . . . Magically Justified.

At least I can rely on Corbett to continue to pierce the veil?

And Jon Rappaport,  relatively delusion-free, still, after all these years, still powering on, even after banned from this very WordPress channel.

Wise-up, quick, I beg y’all. Collaborative Wisdom from the wee homestead: Circle the Wagons folks.




Once upon a time, when I was popular


It’s hard to believe, I know, but there were a few intermittent occasions when I was very well received by others.  Like when my boyfriend’s best friend was a dealer of the street drug we then called ecstasy.  I don’t know what they call it now.

But after a semester of that I ‘cleaned up’ and flew straight.

Anyway, it was innocent enough, and then I joined the Peace Corps, still a fresh young thing!

U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, Prague 1994  

Oh I was so popular then!  That was long before cell phones, but if they were around then, mine would have been buzzing all day and night, woohoo!  And I probably would’ve loved it.

I imagined myself a future bonafide travel writer!

Lots of early clips I’ll someday scrapbook

There’s a lot actually, now lost to time and even cyberspace.
Like this little one giving a wee spanking to officers in Thailand.


I like being insipid and bitchy now and I feel inspired by other previously ‘harmless’ and people-pleasing types who have been donning their snark-spirit.  

From prey to threat, because, when in Rome.

Still hamming it up, Mena, AR 2018

But then, I dared to speak of subjects unpopular, and in a voice too unsavory.  Unsavory is the result of swallowing the bitter pill.  The obvious pleaser contract being:  Coat it in marzipan and holy water and all things ‘light’, or for heaven’s sake, at least smile!

1938 mom scan0003

I know how to smile; I have 1,000 of them. 

Teach me how to bristle again, like a teenage hedgehog, at least when they run me over in the night I’ll have humored us all first, authentically.