CORPRO-FASCISM: Propaganda & The Fatal Attraction Of Technocratic-Fascism – By Mark Petrakis — RIELPOLITIK

Source – “…The enduring beauty of fascism is that it requires so little from us… so little independent thought; just our basic belief and adherence to a limited set of popularly-shared directives and narratives that once fully accepted, relieve us of the need to address stubborn questions or to fret over subtle differences of […]

CORPRO-FASCISM: Propaganda & The Fatal Attraction Of Technocratic-Fascism – By Mark Petrakis — RIELPOLITIK

The US Federal Reserve Told Us in April 2020: Expect Universal Daily Testing If You Want to Participate in Society — Wrench in the Gears

Holy moly! This certainly puts the ’colon’ back into Colonization! 😦
At some point folks will stop participating, right?! ~KH

Some of my posts are LONG. Some are short. This will be the latter, but it’s important. As days and weeks and months blur to a grey smear, it is vital we hold onto an understanding of where we were when the lockdowns started compared to where we are now. I remember seeing this interview…

The US Federal Reserve Told Us in April 2020: Expect Universal Daily Testing If You Want to Participate in Society — Wrench in the Gears

Fostering Dependency

I remember well the first time I heard the expression ‘learned helplessness’. My mom used the term and I didn’t understand it. I asked her to explain, which went something like, “As if a man is actually incapable of doing the laundry.”

Some time later I heard it used again, only this time in reference to a woman who wouldn’t dream of changing a tire because she might break a freshly manicured nail.

These are benign examples of a much more serious issue. A little co-dependency amongst family and friends can be a very good thing. It reminds us we need each other, and it’s nice to be needed, as long as it’s not too needy. 🙂

But there is a much more nefarious kind of learned helplessness that is proliferating in our society and because it’s being sold by some very slick salesmen it goes on, continually championed by those who should know better. US.

This is the kind of dependency that fosters anxiety and dis-ease, because it promotes frustration, alienation, victimhood, powerlessness. Under the guise of convenience, comfort, safety, and even fun, we have allowed ourselves to become dependent on criminals, sociopaths, martyrs, tyrants dressed up as experts and beneficent leaders and stars.

Food, water, shelter, health, energy, entertainment, protection. These are all crucial aspects of human life we’ve willingly outsourced to others. Gone are the days for the vast majority who cooked from their own gardens, played and sang tunes around the fire pit, cared for their own ill, built their own homes. How many generations must we go back to know a time before politicians were household names and stock markets dealt only in livestock?

How many folks believe we have it so much better in our ultra-civilized modern world because they’ve bought the propaganda of their oppressors, those who actively promote and celebrate our dependency as progress?

There is a wellspring of peace of mind knowing that if you ever dare say “Take this job and shove it” you won’t end up homeless and hungry.

If you could do one thing in the new year to release the yoke of dependency just a bit, or a bit more, what would you do?

Happy New Year from the wee homestead, y’all,
thanks for reading!

Christmas Wishes

All I want for Christmas is my . . .

~~~Weather to resemble something remotely near natural.

12.25.2021 Not natural or normal!

~~~Science to reflect a true concern for natural life, not just a study of our abuses of it.
For instance, as they study the effect of this crazy atmospheric tampering on insects (see study quote below), perhaps they might consider shedding some light on the animal and human behavioral consequences—like our dear Tori— bred and raised as a mighty protector, who paces, shakes and cowers during these manufactured weather whiplash events.
“This series of studies investigated the effects of applied, low-intensity electromagnetic fields on the behaviour of several species. To cover a range of species; the eusocial harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex sp.), solitary orb-weaving spiders, and aquatic planarian (Dugesia tigrina) were examined for behavioural consequences associated with applied electromagnetic fields. An additional component examined these effects on various volumes of water. In all species examined, significant behavioural consequences were observed. Intensities of the used fields ranged from nanotesla to millitesla, and their patterns included a fixed-pattern 60 Hz field, and a more complex-patterned field. A separate component also analyzed the effects of light and polarity, where additional effects were evident. For the experiments with the harvester ants, significant changes in tunneling behavior were observed; for the spiders, significant changes in the structure of the web were observed; for the planarian, significant effects on t-maze arm selection occurred; and for water, significant changes in pH were detected.”

In other words, frequency affects everything, all of Life, right down to whether my sourdough is a failure or success!

~~~countrymen would deal their Kayfabe* reality obsessions before the delusions destroy us all.

(*kayfabe: portraying staged events as real. Wrestling terminology meeting Western reality.)

I have NO HOPE whatsoever any of these hopes will manifest in my lifetime!

But I do still hold out hope that some folks, maybe even just a few, will realize the technology does not make the man. And the true man can and will walk away from his man-made abominations whenever he chooses.

And he will reawaken to God’s mysteries rather than drown in the absurdities of his own ephemeral creations.

Merry Christmas, y’all, thanks for being here.
Please do share your Christmas wishes too, if you are feeling so inclined!

In my defense — Piece of Mindful

In my defense: If you are reading this, I have offered it to you in self-defense. I am unvaccinated and will stay that way for as long as humanly possible. The pressure to vax comes from above, around, and below. I am told that I am harming others, spreading a virus, and that the hospitals […]

In my defense — Piece of Mindful

Well said and I couldn’t agree more! ~KH

Faucian Bargains in the Sentient World Simulation 

I need to keep my job!  I have bills you know!

Of course you do.  I understand.

My kids need to go to school.  My toddler needs daycare.

Yes, they do.  Don’t worry.

I was really sick last August.  It was awful.  I missed 3 days of work.

I’m sorry to hear that.

We are so overworked in our department, people keep quitting!

But why, I thought it was a good job?

Well I guess they just don’t really need the money and they don’t really care, do they!

Clearly not.  Of course, that could be a good thing for you.

Being over-worked!  How do you figure?

Less competition, more room for advancement.

Oh yes, that’s true.  Good point.  The more unvaxxed around the better for me.

Now you’re getting it.  I’m proud of you.  I have a holiday gift for you and I’m going to put your name in for our next conference in Paris.

Wow!  Thanks!  That would be awesome!

Just keep this gift up-to-date and you never know.

A Bit On Cooking

I have a nice collection of cook books and love reading them, especially the old ones. I just thought I’d share this quote that makes for some perfect pondering at the holidays. 🙂

“Good cooking is always associated with good living. Like marriage, it consists of two elements which should blend in harmony: the aliments and the seasoning. Conscientious cooking, by rendering easy the processes of digestion, promotes that serenity of mind, graciousness of thought, and indulgent view of our neighbors’ failings, which is the only genuine form of optimism. No virtues will fully promote happiness if the art of cooking be neglected by the national conscience. We owe much to the fruitful meditations of our sages, but a sane view of life is, after all, initiated mainly in the kitchen—the kitchen of the small house, abode of the great majority of the people.
“Of all books produced,” said Joseph Conrad, “since the most remote ages by human talents and industry, those only that treat of cooking are, from a moral point of view, above suspicion. The intention of every other piece of prose may be discussed and even mistrusted: but the purpose of the cookery book is one and unmistakable. It’s object can conceivably be no other than to increase the happiness of mankind.”
The Gold Cookbook by Master Chef Louis P. De Gouy, 1947

Mr. De Gouy began his career as chef under his famous father, who was then Esquire of Cuisine to the late Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. Later he studied under the renowned Escoffier. In time, his name became associated with some of the great culinary establishments in Europe and America. In France: Grand Hotel, Hotel Regina, Hotel du Louvre, Hotel de Paris, and Monte Carlo. In England: Carlton Hotel. In Spain: Casino of San Sebastian. In America: the old Hotel Belmont and the old Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. He served as Chef Steward aboard the J. P. Morgan yacht Wild Duck when it made its cruise around the world. 
From: Cookbook Village

The Year of the New Normal Fascist — Consent Factory, Inc.

And so, as 2021 goose-steps toward its fanatical finish, it is time for my traditional year-end wrap-up. It’s “The Year of the Ox” in the Chinese zodiac, but I’m christening it “The Year of the New Normal Fascist.” And what a phenomenally fascist year it has been! I’m not talking amateur fascism. I am talking […]

The Year of the New Normal Fascist — Consent Factory, Inc.

PC-Free Friday!

In this shit show, vaudeville act, fantasy-based reality, LARP, mass formation, post-modern reality simulation, totalitarian tiptoe, or whatever you want to call it, humor is the best medicine.

In fact, these days, it may be the only safe medicine.

So here’s an attempt to get us started!

One funny song:

One funny question:

If you had to choose between losing a war with the Russians or the Chinese, which would you choose?

I’ll start! To me, this is not a political question, but a cultural one. The politics in every country are equally shitty, I’d choose none of them. But, culturally speaking, the Slavs won a long time ago in my book. They’re my kind of folk! In fact, I’m pretty sure I was a Russian Jew in a past life. I even passed for one once in Slovakia, but that’s another story.

One funny meme:

One funny oldie-but-goodie, from the simpler days of 2015:

Fall Flourishing

It’s been unseasonably warm for us so far, with regular episodes of more mild weather whiplash than in recent past years. I suspect that’s about to change, so here’s the garden as it’s growing now.

It’s a first for fresh tomatoes in December around here! We are still harvesting from the ‘volunteer’ tomato jungle growing in the duck coop. It looks so pretty and is producing much more than we can munch. Even though it’s tedious work, I dry them. They come out delicious that way and can be added to all sorts of dishes or made into a pesto.

The large tomatoes pictured here are previously frozen. Freezing the surplus in summer solves one big problem around here: the tomatoes come ripe after the cilantro has gone to seed. To me, salsa without cilantro is like a bed without pillows! Now the cilantro is growing like gangbusters, and we still have fresh peppers (another first!), so we get nearly fresh salsa in December too.

With the peppers still growing strong that means in 20/20 hindsight I should not have moved a couple of them last month to winter them indoors after all. Where’s my crystal ball when I need it most?!

Now that’s a radish! I love all radishes, but the Korean radish is seriously impressive.

The mushrooms continue to marvel me! First we had chanterelles nearly all summer, now we have delicious ’wood blewits’ (clitocybe nuda—ok that sounds a bit pornographic, no?!) and tabescens, and lactarius paradoxus. Also pictured are either the hallucinogenic ’laughing Jims’ (Gymnopilus spectabilis) or the highly toxic ’Jack-o-lanterns’ (Omphalotus olearius). The latter I give to a friend who uses them to dye yarn. The former, if I were 100% sure of my identification, I might be inclined to try! Apparently you can tell from the spore print color, either orange or white. But, what about when it comes out whitish-orange? Too risky for me!

The cooler temperatures make even our old dogs feel a little frisky!

Play time!

And for a little more humor . …

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