Geoengineering Resources

I’m adding a new page to our wee homesteading blog dedicated completely to: Weather modification, climate remediation, climate change, global warming—or whatever the science and corporate spinners are calling it this week.

Here I’ll be posting links, quoting/reviewing books and articles, and including commentary about this crucial and controversial topic, while trying to cut through at least some of the propaganda around my favorite “conspiracy theory” subject: The Weather.

The posts move from this main page to a permanent side page on our site so they can be found again more easily.

We start with a couple of primers from the amazing sites and research of Jim Lee.

Geoengineering Resources: Vermont Independent

(Disclaimer: I’ve cherry-picked quotes I like from this excellent and well-researched article and recommend a complete reading. However, politically, the final paragraphs I find off-putting, short-sighted and propaganda-driven.  I did not find this to deter from the substance of the main thesis.)

The Age of Geoengineering: Breaking the Sorcerer’s Spell (OGE LAUNCH) – Vermont Independent

Directly from the Article:

“One purpose of this essay is therefore perhaps unavoidably therapeutic: I wish to help promote an integration of two scientific communities, or more precisely, to persuade the cheery Dr. Jekyll to recognize his alter ego, the dark and mysterious Mr. Hyde, and to do so within plain sight of the entire global climate-change science and activist community. Why? Because until this self-reckoning happens no good will come of Dr. Jekyll’s supposedly benign schemes to deal with Earth’s climate. The clever and above all determined Mr. Hyde, an inveterate national security warrior, will use such schemes for his own anachronistic national security ends. He always has. And history demonstrates these ends do not servethe benefit of all humanity.

The dawn of the Age of Geoengineering: The Sorcerer’s apprentices at play

During WW II “a revolution took place, one that was initiated and sustained not so much by the military as by science,” according to historian Kathleen Williams. Immediately after the war, “Military stimulation of science and technology became institutionalized” and the “Cold War ensured the military funding of science would continue…changing both academic science and the military.”[12]Sixty years ago the writer Robert Jungk noted: “In the universities, once homes of free speech throughout the world, the spirit of secrecy took possession.”[13]The Department of Defense (DoD) alone has accounted for “nearly 70 percent of all government funds directed towards research and development” of basic scientific knowledge.[14]The 350-year tradition of independent, individual investigation of nature and matter gave way to the era of ‘Big Science’, meaning scientific research with big, government-funded budgets. Big Science unequivocally included weather and climate modification, as well as other forms of geoengineering, all of which have been invariably cloaked in secrecy. And “secrecy always lowers the standard of environmental accountability”[15]— not to mention democratic accountability.

Earth’s atmosphere consists of several layers, each significantly related to the other, from the lowest layer, the troposphere, where the air we breathe and the weather we experience occurs, to the stratosphere, which also holds the ozone layer, to the mesosphere, the thermosphere, and finally the exosphere, which shades into outer space. The ionosphere stretches from the mesosphere through the thermosphere and into the lower reaches of the exosphere, from 31 to 621 miles above Earth. It was this region that drew the military’s fiery curiosity: how could it be influenced, what were its secrets, and powers?

After Argus, Starfish, and West Ford, research on the ionosphere proceeded apace with construction of a worldwide network of radio frequency transmitters, and later ionospheric heaters, in the US, Canada, Norway, Greenland, Australia, Puerto Rico, and Peru, in partnership with what the National Academy of Sciences calls the “ionospheric modification (IM) community”[35]of major research universities and institutes working in cooperation with the Pentagon. Research also continued in the Soviet Union. “Atmospheric modification experiments,” Dr. Bertell informs us, “can be categorized as either chemical [aerosols] or wave [electromagnetic] related.”[36]The ionosphere is an “active electrical shield protecting the planet from the constant bombardment of high-energy particles from space” and probing it with radio waves has led to the understanding that a “strong electrical coupling exists between the ionosphere and the lower atmosphere.”[37]IM community research has led to many discoveries useful to the military for global over-the-horizon communications, earth-penetrating tomography (also useful to fossil-fuel and other mining companies), surveillance, and weather or climate modification, among other purposes.[38]

Ever since the early days of Project Cirrus weather modification has been both weaponized and commercialized. Since the early 1970s over sixty countries[43]and most US western states have used weather modification technology to manipulate their weather, programs that almost certainly have had and continue to have an as yet unspecified effect on the planet’s overall climate. One region’s or one country’s drought becomes another’s flood, and one’s rain, a neighbor’s drought. The artificial weather seamlessly becomes the artificial climate. Thousands of regional weather modifications made over the past 65 years, such as the UK’s Project Cumulus (1949–1955)[44]and the US’s Project Skywater (1961–1988),[45]have collectively impacted the world’s meteorological and hydrological cycles in ways that remain largely unclarifiedand ignored by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, and IPCC climate modelers.

In the 1950s and early 1960s climate change geoengineering proposals in both the US and Soviet Union were oriented toward causing global warming for the benefit of human activity, with the melting of the Arctic then the glittering jewel on the geoengineer’s horizon, and a prospect devoutly hoped for by Soviet geoengineers and planners.[60](One fifth of Russia’s territory lies north of the Arctic Circle and includes an Arctic-frontier coastline thousands of miles long.) This original or early orientation of geoscientists has been quietly maintained for decades despite the ever-growing consensus about global warming, and has been funded by the big energy companies who have been wedged inside the great climate change debate since its inception.[61]In a March 25, 2012 letter to The EconomistMatt Andersson, an aerospace executive and intelligence industry consultant, bluntly stated: “The public and press are largely uninformed (and misled) as to the actual Geo-engineering operations being conducted by military and certain cooperating commercial interests to effectively ‘melt’ the arctic for naval navigation and resource extraction.”[62]

The pioneering journalists who covered the early chemtrails story from 1999 to 2005 also reported that individual citizens collected post-spray rainwater samples and had them tested by independent laboratories in several countries throughout the Western world. These tests showed elevated levels of aluminum and barium most frequently, but also many other toxic elements such as strontium, thorium, copper, titanium, arsenic, lithium, boron, iron, sodium, calcium, lead, selenium, magnesium, chromium, and cadmium, among others as well as strange gels, polymers, and a variety of microorganisms. Post-spray rainwater tests have been conducted throughout the world, most commonly in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.[97]

In the decades since the Vietnam War the state’s and corporate media’s appropriation of the term “conspiracy theorist” has cast a pall over the search for truth about the exercise of power, and especially the state’s covert exercise of its military, intelligence, and technological prowess. This has profoundly colored the search for answers about the military’s ongoing geoengineering activities because secret operations are classified, hence unprovable by standard criteria, and thus remain invisible to the public. Accusations that cannot be verified because of classified information can be safely dismissed withplausibledenial. The doctrine of plausible deniability was specifically adopted by the US government at the outset of the Cold War in 1948: “‘covert operations’ are understood to be all activities…so planned and executed that any US Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons and that if uncovered the US Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them.”[112]

The Russian physicist and Nobel laureate Peter Kapitsa wrote of the change that came over science on the eve of WW II: “[T]he happy days of free scientific work…disappeared forever” and science “lost her freedom. She has become a productive force. She has become rich, but she has become enslaved” to governments, war, and commerce, and she is “veiled in secrecy.”[229]After the war diverse writers could claim that science had become, in the words of historian James Fleming, “a prominent and permanent part of all modern militaries,” and that the links between them “in perspectives, personnel, values, budgets, [and] scale…have grown inexorably over the years” with a consequent “militarization of the natural world.”[230]

Science’s “loss” of a “deeply rooted set of ethical beliefs”[231]was compensated by a vast increase in scientists’ social status and political power: “[T]here broods over them a mythological identity” that serves to ensure them a “supremacy within our culture,” and “envisages them as the new Prometheus pitted against the hostile forces of nature,”[232]uniquely serving humanity. Roszak asks if science is “to be pardoned on the grounds it has that it has systematically taught our society to regard knowledge as a thing apart from wisdom.” Such “alienated knowing is, sooner or later, ecologically disastrous knowing.”[233]

Neon Grey Rock

She calls herself an empath
He the Wiley Wizard
They call their trade
The Heart in Spades
and charge not a coin
but a silver tongue
tossed into the
River One

Like the Czech custom of
April Fool
in return for her sweets she
gets her swats
and everyone giggles
then returns to Grey Rock

Where they collect their tools
and align guilded stools
and pretend their silver-tongued offerings
have any meaning at all
in the end of times
on this ship of
April Fools


Ministry Of Love

Welcome, friends
to our show that never ends
Oops I mean
The Hotel California
Oops I mean
it’s all so very

just love
so very much to choose from
one man’s compassion
another man’s
kick in the pants
not that he’d notice
in or out of it
just like
He claims love is blind
He then claims hate is speechless

We all know love
We all know romance
We all know the word and the feeling exact and
all the other accompanying
Everyone around all the world
agrees because it’s
just like with the monumental
science of vaccines

It’s so unequivocal 
no one ever had another
or misgiving
it’s so very clear
We can move the world with
Such nebulous words as
right, hope, love, fear

Sometimes for the right reasons
Sometimes for the wrong reasons
but like miracles
somehow come right
Often for the clouds that fill our heads
in the middle of the night
The ones that never feed our crops
just poison all instead
like electrolights and
dry lightening
better than water
so it’s said

Sucking prana like
vampires on blood
Sweet or bitter
same-same as they say
Golag Goulash
That eternal internal problem
with no name
intentions as right as
chemtrail rain
just convince them it’s all good
we don’t care how
psy-ops divided among
fractured clowns
assigned to vapid sluts and
lame-ass schmucks
who spin up
dramas like
Dorothy’s Oz meets
Brady Bunch

Join our tribe, they say
where we deny everything
spin and smile and
all the while
the jokers just
one more chain
congratulate yourselves anyway
because that next manufactured
is bound to hit your neighbors
this time
Chance still has a chance
in all this manufactured
so you can
for that
deep bow
Brown cow
for you lived
to bitch
one more day




The Window

The saying goes that where God closes the door, he opens the window.  I used to think that expression was dumb.  But then, I used to think God was just a dumb word invented by dumb folk.

Now I understand God a bit better and that expression seems apropos.  Surely in these months of our Scamdemic we’ve seen a lot of closed doors.  We could point at them all day, and I get the appeal of that, really.

Or, we could search for the windows.  They are there, no doubt, dumb expression or not.

There are ones out there opening the windows, trying to make them easier for others to find them.  I really believe that.  Even if you told me with 100% scientific evidence that no one is out there trying to open any windows, maybe even because there aren’t any windows to open, I’d insist your science was wrong. 

That means my belief is more powerful to me than anyone else’s science.  Funniest thing about that is, it also means, if you can’t reason me out of it, you can’t shame me out of it either.

And that’s a window right there.  Here’s another one:



Info Brokers

Info Brokers
You mighty jokers
Pretending to care
What we unwashed share
Pretend empathizing
Shell companies
Crisis actors
Phony advertising
Any and every trick
to fleece
Your next to last
Schmuck, moron, innocent
Or otherwise

You know though
We trip you up
Sell you our manufactured junk
Fall on our swords
Like boots in the soup
Like clogs in the wheel
Like those futbal wankers
With their stubbed toes
Rolling on the greens
Begging for woes

I claimed once
To love the cunts
Cause that’s where the juice
was flowing
When it moved to dick
That became my schtick
Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew
Riddle me next
How To:
Best Move You

Cause I can juggle in twelve languages
Or more
Across all ages and continents
And jingle and tingle
with all your fetishes
Just like a digital
Master Tartuffe

Only better
Cause where he obeyed his
Majesty’s months
I scrub my nethers regular
with ALL those crimson letters
From Rome to Stockholm to Jerusalem
I’m just plain bored with your
Dumb rotten shows
I sneeze on your masks
I fart on your sorrows

I laugh and I skip and I dance
on your lame lost causes and
eternal threats of
so less than worldly
New World Order
command and control
Full spectrum dominance
Never will it come to pass
Under my courageous watch
Nor Over my grave
Such Great vigilance
Nor Over my land
Not your hand

Any of your
Unfruitfully Unjoyously
Ungraciously crafted
Was Alas
Never even uttered
in This/His Most Gracious and Eternal


Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
We met 
This young Czech
The most beautiful woman
I’d ever seen

She said
Dance with me
I thought
Poor dear child
what a terrible fate
to have a face to make
angels weep
and every lecher who
lines each last inch of
your well-groomed
well-guarded streets
begs your meat

The sort of lip lines
the pale blush of the cheek
the cool blue eyes
that makes one feel woozy
without a drop to drink
who commands armies
in sighs
as she walks on by
with nary a wink
even as you crave for more
venom even through
her blatant lies

I thank my lucky stars
I’m not a boy or a lad
or particularly gentle
or a man
Because surely
I’d sing too of
her lullabies and sweet little cries
as she crushed me
with the pinkie
of her distant cousin’s
dog’s best friend

Penis envy
fucking please
I praise the gods every day
for the wisdom
of the pussy
y’all can’t ever seem
to see through true

Before it strings you up
and spanks your
pale pathetic
boldly bared
old hairy asses

Heart On Your Sleeve

Heart on your Sleeve
Lies on your Habit
Loneliness suits Us
The Happy few
Claw at the
Pretty face
Offering a
Case of Russian Vodka
Who would not ever
Not even
Remotely Dew

Walked Once Alone
Along the
They call me Proud
now because
I toasted the
Kernel Sanders’
Cocks along
winding  sort of sea
We all danced
fake romance
Complete with every
Koenig Chances

Feeding monsters
along with
my personal speciality
Arkansas Eastern Star
to far Yangtze
Foolow Me

We All claim
Every solstice when
the New moon sets
Us Free

We Light Blossoms
to Excite
to Press Lips
to Lick just
very Tip
that Delicious

Sweetly Limpid
Palatial yet
Insipid Place
Where the Salt
Yet and Still
Always Lives

Stop Complaining

I have (another) awful case of poison ivy, for over two weeks now, it just keeps spreading, I’ve no idea how.  The chiggers, fleas and ticks are relentless.  The weather-makers continue to steal our rain and a lap-dance of morons on tyrants make any foray into so-called civilization even worse than this rural recipe for vitriol gumbo.

And just for the record, I do stop complaining from time to time, but never about the weather.  The weather has become my most taboo, vitriol-filled topic ever, far beyond religion or politics, those are light-hearted topics in comparison to the manipulated weather, because the world continues to accept this, by hook and by crook, en masse.

Masks?  Please.  When a UAE sheikh’s harem wants another wave pool for their offspring’s birthday party, half a nation’s rain is diverted immediately in that fulfillment order, no matter if that means the peasants starve for a year.  That’s our global reality, about to get much worse.

You think we’ve got something to complain about now?  If only you could ask your great-grandchildren how they experience the world in their time.

Lucky for us, we don’t have any.  So, I can guiltlessly keep bitching about my infuriating poison ivy.


Ultimatum Centrale

Shit or
Get off
Damn pot
Mother fucker
That’s it
Herd me right

Patience long past
That’s now what we’ve got
Past tired of pumping up
Olde tyres

From this raw burn
Let me show you
HOW to
Pass that
Lyon through fyre

Fear no fryer
Walk this way through
Mire thine
Manor mine
Never forget

Watch your tweed
Recollect try to find
Your mamma’s mind

Long lost soil
Soul through toil
Selling compassion
Like second-hand
Bargain’s fine

Dragon’s line
Sweet salty fiery tongue
Relentlessly Endlessly
Seeking Divine
Shallow waters
Shine on you
Make it nothing but
A game
So easy then

No doubt to
Just give it
All up

Try it
Just One
More tyme